Loki “Journey Into Mystery” Review

Season 1 Episode 5 – Loki tries to escape The Void, a desolate purgatory where he meets variant versions of himself.

What I Liked

1. The dark reality of the TVA is shown in our first scenes. Every person who is “pruned” is sent to the Void, which consists of destruction, and a beast known as Aliath, which consumes the variants and ensures they do not return.

2. A cheeky cameo from Thor in this episode! Although not in the way you’d expect, it appears he has been shrunk down and locked in a container and lost beneath the rubble.

3. It’s great hearing the stories of how the Loki’s created the Nexus Events which got them captured. In Classic Loki’s case, he actually explains to our Loki how to survive Thanos, and that he cast a projection and went away to hide. He only went to leave because he missed Thor, the moment he went to the TVA caught him. It’s more interesting in that he explains to Loki how to survive the Thanos attack on the ship.

4. Mobius is back! As we obviously predicted. He shows in just a matter of time to save Sylvie from being killed after being pruned.

5. Well, President Loki was thought to be a lot more than that until Reptile Loki bites his arm clean off. I actually love how the show hypes something up which in turn creates theories, but then it just drops so easily. A perfect scene with the action on the back of it as well.


6. Another nice moment between Loki and Sylvie. You can tell they both felt so alone for so long that they struggle to accept each other. Despite them being the same, I think this going somewhere would be a great direction for the story – especially in the trust aspect.

What I Disliked

Nothing to report this week.

Favourite Moment

Classic Loki creating Asgard was just absolutely outstanding! He did this so that Sylvie and Loki could perform the enchantment, this was simply just incredible!! I’m sad to see him die, and it didn’t look to be a projection due to his helmet, but this entire scene was just so well done. From the effects to the enchantment working. Everything.

Standout Character

It has to go to Classic Loki. His story of actually escaping the wrath of Thanos was super interesting. Also, nobody can take away his abilities, the fact he was able to project a vision of Asgard was just exceptional.


This was definitely the best episode of Loki so far. The episode was filled with Easter Eggs, and it had a lot going on – but everything was just so well done.

Rating 10/10


Story - 10
Action - 10
Characters - 10
Entertainment - 10



This was definitely the best episode of Loki so far. The episode was filled with Easter Eggs, and it had a lot going on - but everything was just so well done.


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