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Marvel Trailers We Would Love To See At The Super Bowl 2021

The next Super Bowl event is nearly with us, and will happen on the 7th Februaury 2021 with Tampa Bay Buccaneers facing Kansas City Chiefs.

Now, for me, this isn’t a sport I particularly watch but what I do find interesting about these events is the trailers – specifically from Marvel on a yearly basis. (I’m from the UK)

We have seen some great trailers and even just little teasers, even an Endgame spot back in 2019.

There’s multiple projects that Marvel could showcase, but if the rumour is correct they will show between 2-4, I suspect one of these will be one we’re not expecting.

We could get another trailer for Falcon & The Winter Soldier, but with the show over just a month away from premiering, this doesn’t bother me too much if I’m being brutally honest.

A trailer a lot of outlets are reporting that could likely is another Black Widow trailer. Whilst the last one we got was meant to be the “final” trailer – I suspect any footage we will get will just be a reel, similar to the Endgame spot. The movie has been delayed a number of times now, so some new footage will do a great job in building the hype back up. I’d be happy for some new Widow footage, that’s for sure.


Now one specifically that I believe we should be getting a trailer from, either from the Super Bowl event or if not, then it’s definitely imminent, is Eternals.

This movie was originally scheduled to be released in November 2020, but understandably due to the COVID pandemic the release was pushed back to February 2021, and then to November 2021. This is exactly why I’m expecting a trailer soon.

The movie is here in 9 months and we’ve had next to nothing so far with it except the odd little bits. A trailer would certainly appease the Marvel fanbase that’s for sure, and as I mentioned, it’s definitely a trailer I’m expecting to drop soon.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is another one we could expect to happen at the event or again, the same as Eternals – very imminently. The movie is scheduled for a release of 9th July 2021 which is only 4 months away, so new footage could be with us very soon albeit if the movie is delayed which I do think is a strong possibility.

A few unlikely ones that could potentially happen is Spider-Man 3, Thor: Love & Thunder and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. These are all currently filming, and it does seem way too early to get anything from these. However, we did get a Batman trailer at DC FanDome which we knew had not filmed much, so I wouldn’t rule them out completely.

Either way, as a Marvel fan I’m happy with any brand new content or trailers. I am fully hoping the COVID vaccine continues at the rate it’s going so we can all get back to theatres with to immerse ourselves into a completely different world. We all deserve it.

Anthony Mackie as Falcon and Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes in Falcon & The Winter Soldier — Disney+ — Marvel

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