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Should There Be A Star Wars Episode X?

In the never-ending world of Star Wars content, a question I do some prop up from time to time is if there should be another Star Wars movie after Episode 9 to continue the story.

Episode 9 left off with Rey not following her heritage as a Palpatine but following the Skywalker family tree, somehow. Anyway, at the end of the episode, she combined two lightsabers and created an orange lightsaber.

Setting up another episode would be tough for them to write in. The original 9 movies were the focal point of the Skywalker family, and technically Rey isn’t part of that family tree – there’s no more Skywalkers.

All of the original cast have been written off, so factoring those into what made the Sequels better, it just couldn’t work.

Plus after the Emperor, the First Order came out of nowhere with a similar a planet-destroying planet, similar to the Death Star. They just couldn’t go back down that route with an over the top Dark Side.

Pushing forward to the cast themselves. They have no obligation now Episode 9 is done. I’m probably assuming things here, but I don’t think they would want to come back for another run.


Going off my question in the title, and personally, I think they should leave it alone. Although the movies have done great at the Box Office, and I enjoyed every single movie, the reviews speak differently. This creates a negative outlook on the movies.

I wrote in a previous article, they should do the Obi-Wan series, and a potential Darth Vader movie – but after that, in terms of the Skywalkers, it should be done.

That’s not to say to be done with that time period, because there’s still a lot of story to be told during that period of time, but the Skywalker side should no longer be the pinnacle focus going forward. Unless it’s Vader or the already planned Obi series.

They have a vast catalogue of stories that could be done, including the popular want of the Old Republic. It’s also Disney, they could create new stories that nobody has heard of before.

We already know a new trilogy is in the works, and different directors are working on different Star Wars projects, so thankfully we have a lot more Star Wars content on the way, including video games, so realistically, none of us can complain.

Not to mention we have season 2 of one of the best TV shows ever coming back this year in The Mandalorian.


What’s your thoughts? Would you want to see Episode X happen, or are you happy to just let it rest where it is?

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