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Star Wars Jedi 3: Top 10 Wishlist

The Jedi series is up there with some of my all-time favorite games. They offer everything I want as a Star Wars fan. A solid protagonist to get behind, a good set of villains, and some exceptional storytelling.

Survivor has been out for over a year now and still no news or anything on any added content or DLC which is a shame. The only thing we can do now is focus on what is happening which is a third game. This has already been confirmed and was always set for a trilogy at least.

Whilst Fallen Order was a fantastic game, the wishlists were high on what people wanted in the second game. Survivor added a lot of these into the game, especially the stuff I wanted to see. There is still more though although some of these are fairly minuscule in comparison to what I wanted from the 1st to 2nd game.

1. More stances

The game provides us with 5 stances which is generous. We currently have single-blade, blaster, crossguard, dual-wield, and double-bladed. They have covered a wide range of what stances could be available however I do think there is some more they could add. Count Dooku’s famous stance, which is proper swordsman-like, could be a shout similar to what Starkiller uses, where he holds the saber from the back. Bode uses this type of stance in Survivor so I see no reason why this couldn’t be adopted.


2. Ability to control more than 2 stances and seamless transition in combat

In Fallen Order, once you had rebuilt your saber on Ilum, there was an ability where Cal effectively used single blade into dual blade only briefly. We’re unable to do this in this game. I see no reason why the double-blade stance can’t be transitioned into a dual-blade mid-combat or single-blade to-blaster stance. I get the idea of only having 2 stances accessible at all times but Cal has a multi-use saber, let players utilize that more.

3. A further direct tie into the known canon universe

There have been some cross-references already. A hologram recording of Kenobi in Fallen Order and Darth Vader in both games although that is seemingly it. In this current timeline, a lot is going on. Kenobi is out there, Yoda is still alive, Ahsoka and more. There is so much they could do to properly tie in Cal’s story with the more known canon universe. Cal Kestis is canon after all so it would make sense to introduce a known character and in fairness, Ahsoka would be perfect.


4. Cal Kestis to survive at the end

We know the series is set for a trilogy but that’s as far as we know at the moment. If the game is to end with a third then I’m okay with that albeit sadly, however Cal needs to survive. The reason I say this is so Disney can then utilize Cal in live-action considering Cameron Monaghan is a known actor and everything in the game is based on Cameron’s movement, voice, and likeness.

5. More saber colors, types, and hilts

In Survivor, we’re blessed with an amazing set of customization options for the sabers. I do think there is more they can do though. Granted, color-wise there isn’t a lot more than can be added although black is an option to be added against the lore. There are also effects you can add to the blade to give the player that bit more customization. One more thing they could add is the ability to add two colors since Cal’s saber can split in two. I mean, they added a party color so I don’t see why not. Lastly, more hilt options are always positive. The ability to choose what sound the saber uses would be pretty damn good as well.

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6. Better outfits

The outfits in the first game were horrific and to be honest, they got better in the second but not by a lot. There are so many more outfits they could add. I’m still surprised we didn’t get to see the Inquisitor outfit return. I’d love to see some proper Jedi robes or some Sith outfits. I think this is one of the biggest aspects that could be improved on. They’ve headed in the right direction but it needs to continue.

7. More animations with the ability to customize them

I’m going to be honest here, this is a petty one but I want it anyway. For example, the way Cal pulls out the single-blade lightsaber annoys me. There’s no need to do a spin every time he pulls it out. I prefer the way Cere handled it. I can’t see them caring enough to add this in but I’d love to be able to customize the animations on how Cal pulls out the sabers and puts them away.

8. More force powers including the dark side

Near the end of Survivor, Cal embraces the dark side with only really Merrin bringing him back to the light. I say let’s embrace it further. I do believe during the third game, we’ll see Cal further embrace the dark side. It has been teased since the first game so I expect this to go further. I don’t see why we can’t see Cal in a really bad spot at the beginning of the game, fully on the verge of the dark side and the third game is about him slowly being brought back to the light. This will allow things like force lightning, force chokes, etc.

9. Cal and Merrin to continue their romance

One of the unexpected twists in Survivor was the romance between Cal and Merrin. The reason why it’s so unexpected is because Jedi avoid attachment, something Cal was seemingly taught before Order 66. I loved this angle as it’s different and unique. As mentioned in the above point, I’d ideally like to see Cal be so close to the dark side and Merrin is the one to step in to help.


10. More planets

This is a given I think. Survivor and Fallen Order did have a few planets that could be visited. Survivor having Coruscant was much better but I still think there could be more. There were only really 2 in Survivor that felt open-world, the rest were very much linear. It would be nice to include some of the Fallen Order’s old planets like Dathomir back into it as well. I don’t think they need to overdo it as such, maybe 1 or 2 more explorable planets would be nice.

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