The Bardic Verses – Our Thoughts And How You Can Pledge To Their Kickstarter Campaign

Matt Summo and Pete Collins have delved their teeth into a brand new graphic novel. Given how competitive the comic industry is at present, this is an admirable move, and by looking at the details thus far, they’re impressive.

If you’re unaware of what the new novel is about, we have you covered. This is a snippet taken from the Kickstarter page.

The Bardic Verses is an anthology-style graphic novel about a bard attempting to escape the long shadow of his warrior-family legacy. Our lead character Martiln Swordhand tells his tales in an old tavern and each tale is drawn in a different art style.

The Bardic Verses is first and foremost a love letter to traditional comics, tabletop RPGs, and sword and sorcery books. The stories within pay tribute to noir comics, Disney movies, Bill Watterson, Ryan Ottley, Rob Liefeld, Jack Kirby, and more!

Kickstarter Campaign page

The team gained inspiration from the story because of The Witcher series, and the Bard within that story. They realized how under-utilized Bard characters typically are and decided to pay homage and give one his very own story.

It’s an interesting take, and if you’re not even sold yet, you can check out this well-put-together video by the team.


The team is comprised of different members, which does show a tremendous amount of dedication to lift this franchise off the ground. Not to mention, they have even explained what the funds raised will go into.

The team is mainly comprised of the following;

Writer – Matt Summo
Twitter & Instagram
Illustrator – Pete Collins
Twitter & Instagram
Lettering – Matt Krotzer
Twitter & Instagram

The funds raised by you very generous people would go into the following;

All in all, a huge well done to the team at hand for creating what looks to be a masterpiece.

Any donation will help these guys truly lift their project off the ground, and they will welcome that with open arms.


You can donate by going directly to their Kickstarter campaign by clicking here or by clicking on this link –

Good luck to the Matt’s and Pete in their adventure!

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