Top 5 DC Comics Speedsters

For me, a speedster hero or villain is always great, they have insane powers and some of the best stories to tell, especially in comics and live-action movies or series.

Throughout the years there have been many speedsters good and evil alike. My top 5 list is always changing, it’s always on the move like a speedster, but who exactly is my current top 5 speedsters?

5. Wally West (Main DC Comics)

Wally West is the Flash that I grew up within comics and cartoons. His design is always great, the yellow suit with the red goggles. Then in recent times him returning and suiting up in a red suit similar to Barry’s was perfect. Seeing his journey continue after years of being “rewrote” was so amazing.

4. John Fox

John Fox is a speedster that needs more shine, he needs to have stories in the Rebirth series. His design is hands down one of the best speedster designs in the entire DC Comics speedster line. I think he would fit perfectly into The Flash on the CW show.

3. Barry Allen

Barry Allen will always be on this list, I think he’d be on anyone fans lists. Barry Allen is a speedster pretty much everyone knows. He’s the one who created the speed force. Over the years he’s had so many great stories in live-action and comics.

2. Bart Allen

Bart Allen is the over-hyped grandson of Barry Allen from the future. He’s recently been cast in live-action and will be played by Jordan Fisher. I remember seeing him for the first time back in Young Justice. This was my introduction to his character. His suit is really nice, white with red.


1. Wally West (Kingdom Come)

Wally makes my list twice. This time it’s the Kingdom Come version of the character. I remember my brother getting me an action figure of it. It was until many years later where I actually researched the character and learned about him. Then I read the story. This version interests me because he can not stand still, he’s always on the run, from the crime scene to crime scene to disaster to another disaster. The pure red speed force with the Mercury helmet is an iconic look.

This was my personal list and this will do doubt change in the next few months, could be even weeks. But one thing will always stay the same, my love for DC speedsters.

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