Top 5 Gohan Moments

In the long history of Dragon Ball, many fans of the story, animation, manga, and characters have witnessed more than a few characters receive character development, as well as literally witnessing the growth of a few children from Goten, Trunks, Krillin, Goku, Gohan, and more.

Now, the character of Gohan has had a really interesting story, from defeating Radditz to growing, learning, and eventually defeating the unstoppable Cell, we saw him grow, even more, eventually becoming a young adult and going up against the likes of Super Buu.

For me, this list will be based on the top 5 Gohan moments which I thought were amazing, badass, or just downright powerful.

5. Gohan vs Super Buu

My fifth point is Gohan vs Super Buu. This was the beginning of what I thought or the beginning of a tease of just how powerful Gohan could become if he had trained and learned to become a better and more powerful Z fighter. This fight alone was amazing, the cockiness, the “I’m better than you” attitude. All of it was just pure enjoyment.

4. Teen Gohan vs Perfect Cell

No top 5 list for Gohan could even be completed without having this battle on their top 5, while many people would have it top 3 for sure, I think I’d have mine in the fourth spot simply because I believe my top 3 is all great points and even better than this point. Teen Gohan was in a tournament with other fights against Perfect Cell, Goku forfeited his fight and chose Teen Gohan to fight next simply because he believed in him and sensed his ki had grown massively. The fight was in Cell’s favor until Gohan got angry and took the fight to Cell, even doing a Kamehameha one-handed, something we didn’t see before this fight.

3. Future Gohan vs The Androids

Another point similar to the Teen Gohan point, Future Gohan is drastically different from the young/teen/young adult Gohan. All other Z fighters are killed by the Androids in power and the story, leaving a young adult Gohan as the lone survivor and protector of the future timeline. After many battles, the Androids are significantly more powerful than Gohan, but his heart doesn’t stop him from protecting what is left of the future timeline, having had received a massive face scar and lost an arm in battle with the Androids, ultimately, Gohan protecting Future Trunks, gives his life in sacrifice to push Trunks to get to where he needs to be to stop the Androids.


2. Earning a Gods respect

The Tournament of power ran for basically the last quarter of the Dragon Ball Super Saga, with the Tournament of Power being a fighting elimination battle royal with teams from 12 universes, with a universe eliminated when a team has been knocked out.

Throughout this tournament, Gohan proved he could keep up with the best of the best of not only his universe, but 11 other universes, even saving many of his teammates along the way, the biggest thing to take away from this point was that with Gohan’s strength, heart, and determination, he earned a God of Destructions respect, something a very few people earn.

1. Gohan Pushes Goku

You might wonder, what scene or moment am I going to choose for my number 1 point when usually the Teen Gohan vs Cell would be number 1? My all-time favorite Gohan moment was this scene before the Tournament of Power where Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, and Tien all have a training fight to get more power and get ready for the fight.

For years, Gohan has suppressed his power, even walking away from fighting, training, and learning so he could focus on getting great grades, a job, and eventually being a husband and father. But after the Universe 7 vs Universe 6 Tournament, Gohan wanted to train more, so Piccolo and Tien easily got outmatched by the two Saiyans when the training fight came.

Gohan and Goku didn’t hold back at all, with even Gohan allowing Goku to go Super Saiyan and Goku allowing Gohan to go into his mystic form, the battle between the two raged on. At one point in the battle, Gohan’s strength was that powerful, he even made Goku turn into his Super Saiyan Blue form.

These are my top five Gohan moments in the entire history of Dragon Ball, while I could have said a few different points, these clips and points that I’ve made will forever be my top 5, until Gohan either trains and becomes so much powerful, or he has another intense battle with someone.


The history of Gohan is long and wild but he always remains a solid character and probably my favorite Dragon Ball character forever. The design, the uniqueness, and the mindset that this character has will always be perfect.

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