Top 5 Marvel Characters Jermaine Rivers Could Own

We recently released an article showcasing just 5 characters that Jermaine Rivers could make his own with the DC Universe which you can read here, but what about Marvel? Rivers is an exceptional actor known for his phenomenal performance in the hit show, The Gifted as Shatter. He’s made it known, as have we at Comic Universe that it’s no doubt Jermaine’s destiny is to play John Stewart in the Green Lantern, but he’s perfect for many roles. Let’s get into it;

1. Blue Marvel

It’s only a matter of time until Blue Marvel appears in live-action form, either involving Captain Marvel or Monica Rambeau. Like Jermaine, Blue Marvel has a military background and always does what is right, giving by this quote “I’d do whatever is right, wherever and whenever it needs to be done–and I wouldn’t care what anyone thinks. Not anymore.“, I think this fits into the same mentality that Jermaine has, so to see Jermaine suiting up as Blue Marvel would be epic.

2. Blade

We know Mahershala Ali is our Blade moving forward within the MCU, and that’s brilliant as Ali is a fantastic actor, however, if this weren’t the case an amazing cast would be Jermaine. He portrays the look and attitude that Blade already does, especially when you look at his latest posts on Instagram. Jermaine could definitely pull Blade off in a spectacular fashion.

3. Bedlam

Now, Bedlam is an odd choice, especially giving the other bigger and more popular heroes like Bishop, we’ve seen Bedlam in live-action before, played by Terry Crews in Deadpool 2, but I think giving a soft reboot, Jermaine could pull of this character well enough that it would bring more fans to this character, I think the story for Bedlam would be a far different story compared to a story like Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it would be a unique thing to see.

4. War Machine

Another role that is occupied at present by Don Cheadle, but like Iron Man, the role can be passed down, and War Machine is one of them. Rivers has a military background, just like the original War Machine does, and understands the aspect of always doing the right thing. Imagine Jermaine flying around in a suit, and just unloading with a mini-gun on his shoulders? Just take my damn money.

5. Young Nick Fury

It’s no secret that Samuel L Jackson brought the character of Nick Fury alive, and he’s done wonders with the character since his first appearance, but for me, I would LOVE to see a show or movie where it showcases who Fury was back in his younger days, how he came to SHIELD, and what he managed to do before all of this Avengers stuff. If you look at the Marvel’s Avengers video game and how Fury looks and acts, it’s literally just an image of Jermaine in game form. This could really work.


It’s worth noting that there are 5 above, but as always, we have an honorable mention and in this instance, it’s Nezhno Abidemi (Gentle). Another part to note here is that he’s a proven Shatter, there’s also scope for him to reprise his role there in the upcoming X-Men aspects of Marvel.

Stay tuned for the Star Wars edition of this mini-series coming soon.

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