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What If We Got A Marvel Zombies Video Game?

Welcome to our brand new series. As huge video games fans, we’re always looking ahead to the next comic book game. In this series, we take a character or a group and try to organize what a video game could look like with this specific character or group. It’s up to you to decide if you think it works or not.

Many video game fans love all different types of video games, lately, Marvel has made the jump to video games with games such as Marvel’s Avengers, Spider-Man PS4, and more recently Spider-Man Miles Morales which debuted with the launch of the Playstation 5.

Many video games fans also love zombie games, and this is a huge genre that people love so with the Marvel Cinematic Universe ready to debut the animated Marvel Zombies in Marvel’s What If…? series, would a Marvel Zombies video game, which is purely story-driven work?

I think, If done correctly, this would be a huge hit, while many zombie games don’t typically do well compared the first-person shooters or story-driven games, I think this one could change that and do insanely well.

Why this Story Arc?

I think Marvel Zombies would be an awesome game which would be a lot of fun if done as a story-driven game, this is also another way to expand Marvel’s video game universe, it would allow for more of a roster based game with many characters that we probably won’t see for a long time.

I think many people would love to play as their favorite Marvel superhero and fighting other Marvel heroes or villains who are zombified, undead, and powerful. The roster could be similar to the Avengers game, although a lot faster in terms of releasing characters.


What Would The Game Include?

Obviously, the first part would be a great and lengthy story, quite similar, if not the same as the story from the comics. The story in the comics is quite large so this would be a perfect story to add to the game which allows the player to play through the story and see the story in motion, playing out in front of their eyes.

Next, I would set it as open-world, while this could be an issue, I think done well, they could make it work and when exploring the city, maybe there are zombie civilians which you can fight or leave alone, or even take to a place to be cured or saved.

Sticking with the open-world aspect of it, why not throw in some zombified heroes or villains in there to cause trouble or even battle for exp or gear rewards or even cosmetic items, the higher level your character gets, the higher level boss villain there would be floating about a torn down New York City?

One of the next things which I’d include would be a huge roster, not only characters from the Avengers or Spider-Man, or Guardians of the Galaxy, but from the overall universe of Marvel. Characters such as the X-Men, Fantastic 4, Brotherhood, Inhumans, and more.

Obviously, with this type of game, you’d need customization and upgrades. Let each character you play throughout the story have their own unique upgrades in terms of powers and suits to choose from throughout the game. While many characters would be overpowered from the beginning, change it up a bit, let us learn powers, and not let us just have them from the get-go.

Now I’ve mentioned letting characters have their own unique suits and yes, let them, however, do not monetize them. Let players earn them by playing, leveling up, unlocking them with chests at random, and doing certain missions or objectives throughout the game.


The final thing I would include is downloadable content and expansions. While I said do not monetize the suits, and I’ll stick with that, however, you can earn money by the downloadable content like new missions, characters, and areas to explore.

A game that has done particularly well but unfortunately not for me due to the platform is Marvel’s Future Revolution. The cosmetics and power-up system that’s used in that game is very well done, and this is a game that could take a few ideas from there.

Is it Likely To Happen?

I don’t think so, I think Marvel is too light-hearted when it comes to video games. I don’t think Marvel would release a zombie-focused video game. As much as I would like this to happen, and it would be insanely fun to play, I just don’t see it happening anytime soon unless the Marvel zombies get even more popular in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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