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What I’m Hopeful of Ubisoft Doing With Their Star Wars Open-world Game

For me personally, Any Star Wars game that releases I’m always excited for, a few more than others like Jedi Fallen Order, that game was, will, and always will be a great game.

Jedi Fallen Order was a semi-open-world with that being 6 different worlds you can travel to, explore on your own, and could literally spend hours on one world (something I did myself).

For me, I’d love something connected to Jedi Fallen Order in the sense that, Ubisoft’s open-world game is canon to the Star Wars timeline, and not Legends like The Force Unleashed games.

Give us a character, but let us customize him or her. Changing of clothing, customizable lightsabers/blasters/weapons, customizable armor, ships, and more. This is one of the better things that stood out in Jedi Fallen Order, how we could literally customize the entire lightsaber hilt and color of the saber.

However, me and past Ubisoft games have had a history, fair enough when they say open-world, they mean open-world, Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, and even The Division games have huge worlds to explore, however, for me, some of those games have had stories which have lacked in interest for me.

These games have had great open-world systems, however, Story Wars is different, there are many tiny details in the worlds in that universe, no matter what world it is.


Take Coruscant for an example, if Ubisoft did make this their “open-world” they will need to do some technical stuff to keep the world from causing the game to get framerate, lag, and slow issues.

It also depends on how many worlds they decide to add to the game. I hope they can deliver one of the best games that they’ve ever made. This is their shot since this is the first time in a long time that EA isn’t an exclusive developer.

The story has to be great, It’s Star Wars, the last few stories to come out of the Star Wars universe have all been great, live-action to video-games. They really need to nail down the story.

The villains and the Empire have to be spot on too, Jedi Fallen Order gave us two inquisitors, many Stormtroopers, and even a Vader tease at the end. Among all of that, they even gave us creature villains and boss fights to deal with.

Ubisoft has a huge task on its hands, currently, I do have faith but I just hope it doesn’t go the Far Cry video-game route for this game.

Photo: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, EA Sports.


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