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Why Superman & Lois Proves The CW Still Has It

More often than not nowadays, it seems like whenever you discuss a CW superhero show with any fan, they seem to have this disdain towards the CW’s network of comic shows.

To be honest, a lot of the criticism is fair. Some of the shows have turned into dramas instead of the actual superhero aspect. As much as Arrow and The Flash are some of my all-time favourite TV shows, they are incredibly guilty of this.

However, I do believe a lot of the hate the shows get is unnecessary and I’m still a huge fan regardless.

A while back I saw a huge thread on Twitter basically saying the shows were dead, but I do think this is untrue. Each show, even including my less than desirable, Legends of Tomorrow still rake in huge ratings.

It’s easy to see why these shows continuously get renewed early and even adding to their catalogue of heroes.

Last year we got the premiere of Batwoman, and this year we got Superman & Lois, and they’re obviously still listening because it sounds like they paid attention to the Wonder Girl script, but turned it down eventually.


Superman & Lois aired last week, and it was honestly one of my all-time favourite premieres. The CW does what The CW does best, which is diving straight into these shows, it’s something I have always admired.

Arrow was full Green Arrow episode 1, Barry had his speed and pretty much his suit in episode 1, Batwoman was in the suit episode 1, and so on. Superman & Lois was no different.

We didn’t get the usual backstory we’re all pretty much familiar with now, it was just straight in. He’s married to Lois, and in this show, he has 2 kids. We got him in the suit in the very first episode and the seasons potential villain was revealed.

Going back to my point of it being one of my favourite premieres shows why The CW still has the potential to make their shows absolute powerhouses. I mean, the vast majority of their premieres are masterpieces, Arrow and The Flash are premieres that will live down forever and Superman & Lois was no different.

Black Lightning and Supergirl are set to end after one more season, and Arrow ended last year but with the addition of Superman & Lois, plus Batwoman we still have a huge catalogue, and I do believe they most likely have another hero lined up for a show which will even it all out.

The CW has made its mistakes with the shows, that’s not even debatable, but when they’re not making mistakes, they’re making masterpieces.


The CW Arrowverse is far from dead and will be around for as long as Warner Bros. keeps giving them the opportunity to embrace our TV’s with some fantastic and quality content.

From L-R: The Flash, Supergirl, Superman, Batwoman and Atom — The CW — DC

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