10 Underrated Superheroes

We have compiled a list of 10 superheroes we believe are underrated. This is not always due to power, they can be underrated by other means. This list is not in order, and it is just 10 that we collectively chose.

1. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is an extremely powerful hero, and I think most fans, even casuals will agree she’s one of the strongest Marvel heroes. Where the underrating comes is because of Brie. People just dislike Brie for different reasons which takes a lot away from the character.

For us, we have never hidden the fact that we really like Brie as Captain Marvel. She plays the role well and displays the pure strength that she does in the comics. Regardless of what Brie has said or done, Captain Marvel is a powerhouse for the MCU. I think she will be for years to come.

Often times we see articles that shred the character because of Brie but we honestly believe that it’s unfair. In Endgame she showed up at the end and for me, she should have been the one to end it all, even if I understand that the original Avengers trio needed a proper send-off.

2. Gambit

In recent years there have been talks about Gambit appearing live-action in his own standalone movie. However, the movie has had its problems even before a script was done.

But why? Gambit has been incredible in games, comics, and animated shows. He is someone collectors and readers alike enjoy. His first appearance comic is worth a few hundred pounds.


He’s such a unique character and mutant because if he wanted to be, he could easily become an omega level mutant and be incredibly powerful and in a group with Magneto, Iceman, Xavier, etc. If he’s this well-loved by fans, why haven’t we seen him live-action since Wolverine: Origins. I personally would love to see Channing Tatum as Gambit.

3. Nightwing

Perhaps one of the most underrated heroes that embraces both Marvel, and DC. People often pass Nightwing off as just Batman’s “little sidekick”, but forget that Dick Grayson was once a Robin as well – and extensively, and well trained by none other than Bruce Wayne himself.

Nightwing uses electric batons and he is incredibly agile in his fighting style. Meaning he can manoeuvre quickly, and use that speed to his advantage. His heart is on another level. He may get beat down, but you can always bet that will drag himself back to his feet and fight even harder.

Dick also had roles within the police, and being under Batman’s wing he has a great skill in being a detective on top of being a skilled fighter. He can track his enemies, and if they’re hiding he can find them with great ease due to this. He’s definitely up there, and he’s on many people’s lists when it comes to being underrated.

4. Blob

Now we’ve seen Blob in live-action form a couple of times, Wolverine: Origins (let’s not talk about it) and a quick cameo in X-Men Apocalypse. But why hasn’t he been used to his full potential?

Blob is a huge character, very powerful and could be the Brotherhood’s version of Hulk. He’s been a character that’s always been pushed to the back of the mutants but given a good story he could be amazing and could be utilized very well.


Blob had a role in the X-Men Evolution cartoon and I absolutely loved him in it. I truly hope for the future X-Men movies they use this character to his full potential. He could become a new “Aquaman”, super underrated but giving the right actor and movie he could become very loved.

5. Savitar

Most casuals, including myself, may have heard of Savitar from the CW show, The Flash. Whilst the show did absolutely prove the potential, and power that his monster of a speedster has, he was still massively downplayed by a lot of fans.

If we are to go off the show, then this would make Savitar the fastest speedster alive. He can move so quickly that it’s still like teleporting to standard speedsters such as Barry Allen. In the comics, he can use force fields to shield himself, and giving speed to other people, and objects.

He can heal almost instantly and is a straight-up powerhouse. I think he was downplayed due to The Flash show having a remnant of Barry Allen, but whilst being underrated – you could essentially put Barry here too since it was Barry all along in the show. Definitely an underrated villain in the DC.

6. Black Bolt

Black Bolt may seem like an odd choice to be on this list but for me, he is. He 100% should be on this list. We haven’t had anything to mention Black Bolt in live-action movies, we did get that Inhumans show (which was great).

If Black Bolt and the Inhumans got introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I fully believe he could be the most overpowered character in that universe.


Black Bolt would be a welcomed addition into the movies. I loved him in the comics and live-action TV show. It would also give the MCU a breath of fresh air to having Inhumans involved in future movies.

7. Star-lord

A lot of fans, more so the casuals that have only watched the movies always tend to mention how much Star-lord is a drag on the Guardians, but don’t realise how immensely powerful he actually is in the comics, and even the movies.

Now, here’s a good number for you. I’ve read in different places, but Starlord has racked up over 350,000 kills. Just himself. He’s also essentially half-human/half planet if you want to look at it that way. This gives him enhanced strength, durability and more.

He’s also a skilled martial artist, a master tactician, and has great knowledge on weapons. Let’s not forget, even in the movies, it was HIS plan that almost stopped Thanos in Infinity War. Albeit if he’s the one that ruined it in the end. He also stopped Ego, a planet. A living planet. Let that sink in.

8. Juggernaut

Juggernaut, When people talk about him they instantly go back to X-Men The Last Stand. But in recent years he’s popped up in live-action again in Deadpool 2 played by none other than Ryan Reynolds.

But since we’ll be seeing the X-Men in the MCU in the future, Is it time to give us full-blown Juggernaut, with the maroon suit and helmet and even the mystic crystal that grants him his powers.


It would be nice to see him in a fight with Thor or the Hulk or X-Men. He’s normally dismissed and pushed to the side in recent years in comics. If he was introduced in the MCU he could be one of those characters that appear anywhere at any time.

9. Moon Knight

If I’m being honest, I never even heard of Moon Knight until Marvel announced he will be receiving his very own Disney+ show. So I did some digging, read some comics, and other information based on the character himself.

Moon Knight has been branded as the equivalent of Batman, just with a Multiple Personality Disorder. The character has actually been affiliated with the Avengers and was ranked #49 in the top 50 Avengers. A feat that is actually fairly impressive considering the catalogue of characters affiliated with the Avengers.

Showing similar feats to Batman. He’s a master detective, skilled martial artist, and controls high tech equipment. He’s a force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure. I believe we will soon Moon Knight in the best form when his own series launches.

10. Mr. Sinister

Mr. Sinister is underrated. He could be a huge villain for the upcoming X-Men franchise. We’ve seen the X-Men deal with Magneto, Apocalypse, and a few other threats.

Mr. Sinister would absolutely be an incredible threat to not only the X-Men but to Deadpool. He’s been pushed back and basically forgotten about in comics.


I love the design of Mr. Sinister and it would look amazing in live-action form. I feel like if Mr. Sinist was to be introduced it would be a perfect crossover villain with the X-Men and Deadpool/Cable.

Six Honourable Mentions

1. Shazam!
2. Dr Fate
3. Firestorm
4. Cyclops
5. Iceman
6. Martian Manhunter

There you have it, folks! 10 underrated superheroes with 6 mentions at the end. We completely understand there’s probably well over a couple of thousand characters we could have chosen, but we felt these deserve to make our list. As mentioned at the beginning, it’s not always down to just their abilities. But how they’re written, how the characters are acted, and more.

Got anybody who you’d like to add that is not on our list? Let us know down in the comments below.

Daniel Lewandowski

29 years old. Founder, and co-owner of Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Comic Universe website.

Phil Weaver

25 years old. One of the co-founders of Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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