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Ahsoka “Part Three: Time to Fly” Review

Season 1 Episode 3 – “Hera tangles with New Republic politics while Ahsoka and Sabine Wren voyage to a distant planet.”

Please note, our reviews are based on likes and dislikes. These contain significant spoilers. If you haven’t already watched the episode, we recommend that you click off the article and come back once you have watched the episode. Enjoy!

What I Liked

1. I love how Ahsoka teaches Sabine how to use the Force by using a mask in training. We see Sabine give a good defense back while Obviously, Ahsoka is much better with this training technique. I also love the little throwback by Ahsoka using her foot to trip Sabine, similar to how Kanan did in Rebels.

2. I love how straightforward Huyang is, especially for a droid. He straight-up tells Sabine that she’s the worst candidate for a Jedi in the entire Jedi system and that the Jedi wouldn’t even accept her because she’s so bad.

3. I do like how they’ve finally shown us an older Jacen, the son of Kanan Jarrus and Hera. We got to see him in the end of Rebels but seeing him somewhat older and speaking about being a Jedi just tells me that Hera has told him all about Kanan and that he could be similar.

4. Shin Hati, Marrok, and a few other fighters in ships were waiting for Ahsoka to arrive. The duo of Sabine and Ahsoka begin to work together to get closer to the massive hyper ring that Morgan was building but get shot and lose power. This entire space battle was intense and really well done. Felt truly similar to how space battles were done in The Clone Wars.


5. We get to see some massive purgil in the flesh and not just shadows of them. These are the creatures that can use hyperdrive and go anywhere in the galaxy. These are also the creatures that took Ezra and Thrawn away from Lothal to ultimately save the day.

What I Disliked

I truly hate the fact that the New Republic Senate is completely writing off the return of Thrawn. Especially from the mouth of Hera herself, a distinguished general, someone who has fought for the republic for literally years upon years, lost the love of her life, her friends, family, and even planet. They should have easily agreed to send a task force to even see any sign of his return. There was no body for either Thrawn or Ezra, they only disappeared. The fact that they would not even send a task force to even prevent a potential war is crazy.

Favorite Moment

While in the space battle, we get such a badass scene where Ahsoka goes out into space to deflect incoming shots from the people trying to blow up the ship. Ahsoka manages to destroy one ship while Sabine gets the ship working again.

Standout Character

I have no choice but to give this to Ahsoka. She was a badass in this episode in more than just a physical way. The teachings that she did with Sabine reminded me of the teachings Anakin gave to her which ultimately ended up saving her from Order 66.


Overall a fantastic episode that delivered some powerful action, and delivered more of what Morgan is building. The slow teachings that Sabine is going through will make her a powerful character going forward with her being trained in the Jedi ways and being Mandalorian. This episode felt so much like the Clone Wars and the episode next week will be intense.

Rating: 9.6/10

The Review

Story - 8.5
Action - 10
Characters - 10
Entertainment - 9.5
Quality - 10



Ahsoka "Part Three: Time to Fly" Review


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