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Arrow “Confessions” Review

Season 7 Episode 20 “When they learn of an upcoming attack on the city, Team Arrow calls Roy Harper to help them stop the Ninth Circle; things go awry and there is massive collateral damage; Dinah investigates what happened.”

The Good & The Bad

The Good

1. This weeks episode of Confessions sees the return of Roy Harper into present times, one of the things I’ve been begging for since season 4 or 5. It turns out on his adventure with Thea, that they have been searching for the Lazarus Pits and destroying them, until he was called back to help from Oliver.

I missed Roy, and it was such a nostalgic feeling of seeing the red suit again. His movement in the fight scenes, his kicks, is just always incredibly impressive. We have seen quite a lot of Roy Harper in the flash forwards, but nothing to shout home about, whereas this was. Every scene with him in it is just a joy to watch.

2. Is it just me, or since Felicity has been pregnant all she’s done is eat? I like this real life aspect. Felicity has been one of those characters that from season 3 annoyed me, but this season she’s genuinely made me laugh.


3. The level of action in this weeks episode was amazing. The twists and turns as everybody is questioned by Dinah for the death of two guards. Dinah does her job, and interviews Oliver, Felicity, John, and Renee to try and piece together what happened. At first this was a Bad because I was so confused as to where we are at. The show quickly stopped that, and it was a well written, and well done show from the moment you realise what is happening.

Each Team Arrow member splits up upon entering and does their own thing to try and stop the biological bomb/weapon from going off. I liked this entire ark, it was different. We got action, twists, turns, and just when you thought you figured it out, it just switched.

The Bad

My only bad was the confusion at the beginning, but that switched. It remains on here because it took me a solid 10 minutes before the show switched.

Holy Shit Moment

1. We find out Roy killed the guards. An unexpected turn of events when you genuinely think Emiko killed them. It turns out, the team has worked together, and lied to cover Roy’s back. Including Dinah. It was a switch I never expected. It turns out, Roy has blood lust from the pit. Oliver approached Roy afterwards and asks him how he died. Roy explains he took an arrow, ironic, and was brought back by a pit. An even further twist of events when the security footage goes missing, it was Emi who took it, and sent it to the SCPD…

2. Emiko admits to Oliver she knew about the Queen’s Gambit sabotage and never warned Robert Queen. Seeing the expression and look on Oliver’s face tells the entire story. I felt mad for him. She told him she wants to ruin his legacy. Emiko has set up to be an incredible villain, interesting and in someway you actually get her reasons behind what she’s doing. Impressive twist.


Arrow has had an incredible season so far, and Confessions was no different. A story driven to the main plot, a surprise return, plenty of action, and some jaw-dropping twists. A solid episode that has been on the back of an impressive season.

Rating: 9/10

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