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Batwoman “Prior Criminal History” Review

Season 2 Episode 2 – After her quick spin in the Batgear, Ryan Wilder is back to facing the daily challenges of life as herself; Alice has a new, devious plan to get the attention of both Gotham and Safiyah; Ryan comes face-to-face with Alice for the first time.

What I Liked

1. At the beginning of the episode, we get a flashback for Ryan where she’s on the verge of being robbed by Alice’s gang. In the shot we see Batwoman rescue her, we know it’s obviously not Ruby in the suit but they still did well in showing us why Ryan wanted the suit so bad in the first episode.

2. At first I was like, “why doesn’t one of them just tell Jacob” when they’re being interrogated, but after Luke just so bluntly puts it that Kate’s target on her back was for the Crows, you kind of understand why they’re being so tight-lipped.

3. A good save from Ryan when two armed thugs try to rob a convenience store, thankfully Ryan was there to put a stop to it. Slightly convenient that the police show up the minute Ryan is checking if the staff member was alright.

4. Alice is waiting in the car when Julia gets in and has a knife immediately held against her throat. Alice creates a plan to team up to stop Safiyah considering she’s a bigger “psychopath” than her. Julia is then stabbed for objecting but didn’t seem life-threatening. A good scene, the music did a good job in portraying how evil Alice actually is.

5. Luke‘s sarcasm through the entire episode has been absolutely hilarious, and super condescending. 6. Quite a clever way to get rid of the bats. Ryan leads the toxic bats into a bus, closes the doors and blows it up. Really well done.


What I Disliked

1. I can’t deny that the fight between Ryan and Alice was a bit…messy? Yeah, messy. It just seemed off. You could tell the punches and kicks were fake and didn’t seem real at all. It could have been a decent fight but ended in Alice sending bats to the rally carrying the toxin.

2. I don’t like the fact that Ryan pretty much had to persuade her way into the suit and mantle. Kate’s gone and she proved herself more than once, Luke should have been more willing to give her the mantle, even if there was hope Kate was alive.

Favourite Moment

Weirdly, my favourite moment was the moment Ryan stood on top of the building in front of the rally essentially declaring herself there and then she was the new Batwoman. The suit still looks off, which I understand will be changed as the season progresses, but it was a great moment.

Standout Character

Strangely enough, I have to give this one to Luke. His sarcasm throughout the entire episode had me laughing. Not to mention keeping quiet when he was being interrogated by the Crows. Luke is really coming into his own, and I hope this keeps up.


A good episode, besides the bats side, was a bit much I’m not going to lie. Overall, Javicia nailed it yet again and proved why she’s more than capable of starring in this show. It’s created a good foundation so far and has so much potential for the rest of the season.

Rating 8/10

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Story - 7
Action - 8
Characters - 9
Entertainment - 8


A good episode, besides the bat side was a bit much I'm not going to lie. Overall, Javicia nailed it yet again and proved why she's more than capable of starring in this show. It's created a good foundation so far and has so much potential for the rest of the season.


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