Ben Affleck’s Batman Will Be In Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set for theatres on the 17th of March 2023, and we seem to be getting another casting added to the movie.

According to Jason Momoa’s Instagram, Affleck will reprise his role as the Dark Knight.

As of current, we don’t have any news surrounding how big of a role he is to play within the movie itself.

I will admit I do really like Affleck as Bruce Wayne, so this is a very good cast for the movie itself, but I have a lot of issues surrounding this and the movie itself.

This will trigger hate but I honestly just don’t care, this isn’t a movie we’ll be supporting whilst Amber Heard is cast, and this push for Affleck does feel like a marketing ploy considering the bad rep surrounding the movie.

I have no doubt the movie will be just as good as the first, and Affleck will smash it as always but I can’t support an actress like Heard, no matter how small or big of a role she plays. This is something morally I won’t support and nor will Comic Universe.


Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, and co-owner of Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Comic Universe website.

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