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Can Spider-Man Fix/Change Marvel’s Avengers Video Game?

A few weeks ago was the one year anniversary of Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers video game, and it’s fair to say that this game has had a lot of issues over the first year of the gaming being out, from many bugs to repetitive missions to not being able to replay the campaign and many more things.

Before the game was released, they were promoting things like a character will release in a short amount of time between releases, more and different enemies to battle, as well as for Sony Playstation users, Spider-Man would be available on release day.

Well, none of that happened.

Over the course of a year, we barely got anything new in terms of missions, new stories, enemies, and more importantly, heroes.

First, they introduced Kate Bishop, then a month later Clint Barton aka Hawkeye came to the game to connect the stories for Kate and Clint together, they passed this off as DLC, however, the missions were nothing special, they lasted for around 6 short missions each, which you could finish in around an hour and a half.

Then the enemies were stuff we already faced in the base online game as well as the campaign its self. It sucked, however, the characters were great, designs were a bit of a letdown, especially how the great skins you had to pay for.


They then released a roadmap which showcased a trailer for Black Panther, and I will admit, I had fun with the Black Panther “expansion” and I use expansion in quotations because ultimately, it suffered the same fate as previous things in the game, a short story (longer than Clints and Kate’s combined), as well as the repetitive missions you had to do, but I still had fun with it.

More recently they’ve released a new roadmap, which apart from one or two things, doesn’t look all that great If I’m being completely honest.

Above is the aforementioned “roadmap”. It looks worse than the last roadmap they showcased. I’m just not excited for it, even with Spider-Man being announced for it.

Returning Events

Returning events such as “Corrupted Vibranium”, “Red Room Takeover”, “Tachyon Anomaly”, and “Cosmic Threat”. Now, keep in mind, I didn’t play the Red Room Takeover, however, I did was a friend play it and it looked insanely hard to complete, he was pretty much getting one-shotted and having to restart the entire thing again.

The player base for this game does not want returning events, they want new events, myself included, returning events is only bringing a major issue back to the forefront of the events, REPETITIVENESS. Not to mention, the rewards will also be very similar, if not the exact same rewards as they got the first time around.

Power Level Cap Increase

A power level cap increase is good, however, the grind to get a single piece to 140 is a nightmare, not to mention you have to get 3 other gear pieces, as well as two minor and one major artifact, leveled up, the grind for a single character is a long tedious process that it’s very boring when the player is continuing doing the same handful of missions there is in the game.


Reworked Systems

Resources, this is needed insanely, this is a system that should have been the main priority to be in the game at the very beginning of the game, even before the official release. At the beginning of the game’s life cycle, the struggle just to get resources to upgrade gear was even worse than it is currently, it took nearly a month of nighttime grinding just to get one character done.

Disney+ Hawkeye Nameplate Challenge

A challenge purely just for a nameplate from the Disney+ live-action Hawkeye series? Really? A nameplate? No skin, connection, or anything else related to the series? I’ll pass on this thank you.

Now for why I really did this article.

Can Spider-Man Fix or Change Marvel’s Avengers?

Absolutely not. The promise that Spider-Man would have been the first added hero for Sony Playstation users was a lie, I get that the game went the opposite way that they thought it would, but this was a major issue.

Recently it was announced that Spider-Man would have his own story as well as cutscenes, I’m not even excited about it, I can tell that it will be similar to how Black Panther’s story was implemented into the game, a longer story, yet the same missions to repeat over and over again.

We are only a couple of months from release, all we’ve seen is a shadow figure on the roadmap for Spider-Man, we have not seen anything related to his in-game mechanics, his story, who’s voicing him, his gear, skins, or anything, we have had zero and we are close to his release.


Avengers is currently losing players daily, with the release of Black Panther, many players returned to be able to play as the iconic character, but as mentioned, longer story, same missions repeatedly, they would have completed the story and then disappeared.

I believe with the release of Spider-Man, players will once again flock back to the game, but they could ultimately be let down once again by the developers of the game. We haven’t seen anything related to the character in the game which makes me wonder if they’ll once again break a promise and delay the release to 2022.

Photo: Marvel’s Avengers video game.

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