Comic Universe’s Overall Arrowverse Ratings From 2019

I have been asked this on a few occasions, what’s the top show you review from The CW’s Arrowverse? What’s the lowest? What do you average? Well, today we answer all of that in this one article.

We do have to make you aware, Comic Universe’s website venture began in 2019 so unfortunately we can only provide our ratings from that point onwards. We wanted to make this fair instead of making numbers up. Everything has been calculated and done multiple times to ensure the numbers are correct.

We will give you our highest-rated show, lowest-rated show, and a few other “awards” as such. We will also provide you with our overall average rating across all of The CW shows.

Highest Rated Show – Arrow (9.4/10)

Pictured: Stephen Amell as The Arrow — Photo: JSquared Photography — The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

The first episode we reviewed was season 7’s Inheritance, episode number 17 back in March 2019. The last episode was reviewed was the very final episode of Arrow. In regards to the ratings for these episodes, it’s definitely deserving, especially the final season. The show was averaging high ratings across the board, and I myself was on the reviews for this show in particular.

Does it deserve it? I think so, however, I am not sure it would still be top had it had as many episodes as the other shows did. It’s a worthy show and I really do miss Stephen Amell suiting up as the Green Arrow.

Lowest Rated Show – Legends of Tomorrow (6.6/10)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — The CW

The show we seemingly love to hate as people have pointed out to us in the past, and I agree. I’m just no longer a fan of Legends of Tomorrow and it really sucks. The show still definitely has some high points, but it’s mostly low and it’s scaled too far away from what the show was originally meant to be about. We always try to give this show in particular the benefit of the doubt, but it’s always a struggle.


Does it deserve it? From when we started reviewing Legends, I think so yes. If we had been reviewing this from the very first episode then I don’t think it would have been this low. The show was God tier in the first 2 seasons, and we really enjoyed it. We expected future heroes such as Bart Allen, Batman Beyond etc with a serious tone, instead, it decided to take this ridiculous route that we can’t enjoy. We know Legends is still a very popular show and it does well, but for me, in our own personal opinions, we just don’t like what it became.

So, what’s the rank for the shows?

  1. Arrow – 9.4/10
  2. The Flash – 9/10
  3. Batwoman – 8.5/10
  4. Supergirl – 8.4/10
  5. Black Lightning – 7.4/10
  6. Legends of Tomorrow – 6.6/10

We do have to give a mention to Superman & Lois, but unfortunately, as the show is only 3 episodes in we can’t really include it in here. However, as of today, that specific show is averaged a massive 9.8/10.

Stargirl also had perfect 10’s across the first season, so we’re excited to see what the show can do underneath The CW.

Shows that could turn it around

I think any show could go any way at the moment. Batwoman’s season 2 has been terrible so far but has the potential to turn it around. Supergirl’s upcoming season will be the last, so we have high hopes for that. Legends if it took its original route would be the best turnaround. Unfortunately, we can’t see Black Lightning turning anything around at the moment.

Judging by those ratings, is it worth it to invest my time in these shows?

100%. It’s a universe definitely worth investing in as it’s just incredible. Despite the low points of the shows, we still do get a lot of enjoyment out of them. The CW has the best potential ever with their shows, even when they do poor, they have the ability to turn it around.

Overall CW Rating – 8.2/10

144 episodes reviewed across all CW shows at present. Some episodes obviously earn super low ratings and others incredibly high so the number makes a lot of sense. 8.2 is still a very good rating, especially across 144 different episodes, in different shows. So, to answer the question above in further detail – this shows that.


Does it deserve it? Absolutely, it’s a fair reflection. There’s nothing much to say other than that if I’m being perfectly honest.

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