CW’s The Flash Main Villains Ranked Worst To Best

The Flash has officially concluded it’s 6th season, and as we look towards January 2021 with season 7, I’d like to take a look at all the big bads we’ve had over the years, and rank them.

There is a collective of 8 major villains across the seasons, however, we will strip that to 7 as we believe the Cicada mantle should fall under one.

7. The Thinker (Clifford DeVoe)

Neil Sandllands as The Thinker

The Thinker braced our screens during season 4. DeVoe was our first big bad that was not a speedster, with an interesting take on powers, and his own ark. However, for me, I rank him at the worst possible stage for a villain. The more I think back on the season, the more I realise it was just generally poor.

He didn’t have a real motivation for anything besides healing himself and becoming powerful. In terms of The Flash, he consistently paved the way for him. At times gaining the upper hand, but what big bad doesn’t? His plot with the “enlightenment” just felt a bit common with a villain of this capability.

With other stories, even the “lesser” villains, we see more drive, a willingness to truly end The Flash in a sense for power. Whilst DeVoe did this, he just didn’t do it in a great way. For the most part, it was predictable. His wife eventually turning against him was called by many fans early on, and this is one of my problems with it. There wasn’t really any shock value to his reign as the villain. If I’m being honest, he’s definitely the most forgettable villain on this list.

6. Mirror Master (Eva McCulloch)

Efrat Dor as Eva McCulloch

The second half of season 6’s villain. Unfortunately, I do have to put Eva this high up on the list, mainly because we never got to see the final 4 episodes of her reign in the real world. We know judging by the synopsis of season 7, Eva will be taken down by The Flash. We already know really it’s going to play out that way, but the synopsis just confirms that. She always felt like a stepping stone to something greater.


Although I rank her as the second worst, I still think she’s been a great villain all things considered. She’s definitely been unpredictable at times, and she is weirdly reluctant to fight The Flash due to her motivation to kill her husband for trapping her in the Mirror-Verse. The scene in the finale will definitely be a remembered scene for sure, but I just wish we had a bit more time to see what she’s truly capable of.

Not to mention, she’s had Iris trapped in the Mirror-Verse for the majority of her reign, causing Barry to almost losing his mind, especially after the death of the Speedforce. She could have been a great villain, but ultimately she just didn’t have enough time. I’m thankful for that in a sense, because if it sets up something greater for next season then I’m absolutely all up for it.

5. Cicada

Cicada braced our screens during season 5, in the form of both Orlin, and Grace later on in the season. I think for the most part Cicada was great, especially when Orlin had the mantle. His motive was understandable to an extent. His niece was in a coma due to meta-humans, and he wanted to rid the world of them in order to protect Grace.

He was terrifying whenever he showed up, and he wasn’t a villain that always had the upper hand either. He occasionally lost battles against Team Flash, but always retreated to fight another day. I actually really liked that. Fast forward to a future Grace as the new Cicada is where my problems occur.

Grace and Orlin were close. So when Grace actually becomes the future Cicada, I kind of lost hope. Her motive was poor, even if she was the one that suffered in a coma, and she was out to kill but didn’t care for collateral damage – something that she and Orlin differed with. I enjoyed her powers, as they were far that of Orlin, but I preferred Orlin as Cicada. I would have preferred for him to keep that mantle for the entire season.

4. Savitar

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Savitar

Personally, I absolutely loved the CW adaption of Savitar in season 3. I thought the fact it was a remnant of Barry was great, it showed the true capability Barry has – plus, we’re so used to seeing Barry as the ultimate hero type, it was nice to see him turn into a villain.


Now, Savitar was incredibly overpowered, but with all that power, he still couldn’t finish what he set out to do – which was kill Iris. Plus, the entire story of him eventually coming into the fold was awfully boring. It really only got interesting when Savitar was close to revealing himself.

What does interest me was how ruthless he was, especially with Killer Frost with him. You can tell, even without the physicality, he had Barry on edge consistently over the course of the season, even to the point he went to the future to see an older Barry that failed to save Iris. It was intense throughout, and I really did enjoy season 3, and that’s why he’s 4th on my list.

3. Bloodwork

Sendhil Ramamurthy as Ramsey Rosso, Bloodwork

Bloodwork was our big bad during the most recent season 6. I highly rated Ramsey, mainly because of what he actually managed to do to Barry. He basically forced The Flash into “killing” the Speedforce, ultimately ending his ability to actually use his speed. Although he lost in the end, he’s the one that managed to reduce Barry down to almost nothing.

His motive was great, he was trying to cure his HLH cancer, and in doing so, gained the ability to control blood. He never held back either which is what I liked. He wanted control, and he even managed to fully take over Barry. A feat not many villains can say they’ve accomplished.

Although Bloodwork wasn’t around for long, and mainly just the first 8 episodes. He left an impact, and it was an impact that it is still felt towards the end of the season when he has the eventual face-off with Eva McCulloch. He is currently locked up, so I really hope this isn’t the last we see of Ramsey.

2. Reverse Flash

Tom Cavanagh as the Reverse Flash/Dark Flash

Right, before the pickaxes and torches come out, please bare with me here. Reverse Flash is devastating at any point, and it’s somewhat always great to see him throughout the seasons. Reverse Flash ultimately gave Barry his speed through the “deliberate” particle accelerator explosion. He also killed his mother. He did it deliberately when Barry was only a child and ensured his father took the fall for it.


All in all, the Reverse Flash is brutal. My only problem with him, he always wants to play games. He paves the way for The Flash to make strives, and he literally allowed him to get his speed. It still baffles me, but either way, I absolutely love the character. I do prefer Tom Cavanagh’s version of the character if I’m honest with you.

We know the tease was there multiple times during season 6 for another big return for the Reverse Flash, and honestly, I’d love to see another mini ark during season 7 for the Reverse Flash. It would be amazing to see it. There is too much to go on when it comes down to the character in only 3 characters, but he really deserves to be ranked high on any villains list, not just The Flash one.

1. Zoom

Teddy Sears as Zoom

You’re probably wondering why I’m putting Zoom first so bare with me. Zoom absolutely tore Barry to shreds on multiple occasions. Especially one of his first appearances. He battered The Flash so badly and held him in front of the CCPD, and cameras. He didn’t kill him, but rather completely and utterly destroyed his self-confidence.

Not to mention, he killed Barry’s father right in front of him. Without hesitation. How brutal can one get? This is what I’m getting at with Zoom, he never ever held back. At every chance, he got he basically ruined Barry, to the point Barry had to go back in time to get advice from the Reverse Flash.

Zoom literally had zero problems literally killing his doppelgangers at any point, it’s just eery when you think about it. His suit was stunning, and the overall attitude from Zoom was terrifying at every chance. Even the whole Jay Garrick thing, he literally had Jay Garrick locked up for so long, in a mask where he couldn’t even communicate. It doesn’t really get more twisted than that. He just edges it for me, and it was close, purely because of the stupid “race” at the end which made zero sense when I think back on it.

Honourable Mention

Captain Cold is definitely one of the Rogues that deserves a mention. Although he was never really a big bad, he was so sneaky, and at every turn managed to screw over Barry. Right up until the point he joined the Legends. I loved the portrayal Wentworth Miller gave to the role, and I really do miss have that type of “anti-hero” (I use that term loosely) in and around the show.


I’m intrigued to see what your list is, so please let us know down in the comments. Please be aware, this is absolutely just my own opinion, and I welcome what others think in the comments.

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