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Do We Really Need Another Gotham City Police Department Series?

Matt Reeves’s Batman universe has already been expanded beyond that of The Batman, it’s already been announced that Matt is doing another live-action project focused on the Gotham City Police Department with Jeffrey Wright returning.

But do we truly need another Gotham series?

In my honest opinion, no, we do not need another Gotham series, however, I do believe this one will be much better than the original Gotham series we’ve already had in live-action a few years back.

I honestly believe that this series will be better simply because of budget and the time period it is set in, while the original Gotham series was set in a time where Bruce was a kid still and many of the villains we have come to love over the years were in their early days as criminals and we even got to see some of the origins of characters.

This is why I believe this new series will be better, although not needed in my opinion, the original Gotham series was set in a time where Bruce is a kid, the clothes and Cityscape were all old fashioned but yet the characters used Computers and cell phones, so Gotham was a place out of time.

I believe Matt Reeves’s version of Gotham will be a set-in-stone series that will have Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon as well as mentions of Robert Pattinson’s version of Batman. this is one of the reasons why it will be much better.

Now let’s talk about why we don’t truly need this series. In a short but sweet answer is, we’ve had it. Gotham was that Gotham ran for 5 seasons, we saw the rise and fall of Jim Gordon, many of his cases, and him taking on Gotham to find out who killed the Waynes.


What more could Matt Reeves do with the Gotham City police? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for world-building and I think with the style of The Batman, this series could match that but what stories could they tell to get fans invested or stay invested?

If I’m correct, Jim Gordon is already established in this universe, so many of his stories will have already been told, unless we do get Robert Pattinson as Batman in it, where we see this duo work together to solve murders or other similar crimes which could use Batman.

I truly hope we get some new news for this series, as of right now, I’m not excited for it and I’m unsure if I’m actually going to watch it. The series needs to do something huge for me to get invested, If Matt Reeves has put his heart and soul into this series as he has with The Batman then maybe I’ll get excited when I see a trailer or more news about the series.

As of right now, I truly believe this isn’t needed, I’d much rather have a Batman sequel with Robert Pattinson announced than this series, I just don’t know how this series will expand the universe that Matt Reeves is currently building.

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