Fallout Season 1 Review

Beware, this review WILL contain spoilers.

Brief Overview

Fallout is the latest video game to live-action adaptation and one that I didn’t think would work considering how vast the gaming world is. We’ve had a few games go to shows now including Halo and Last of Us but it’s they’re always a great success like Last of Us was.

We’ve now seen that if you stick to the lore of the original concepts, you can’t go wrong. This is proven when you consider the difference between Halo and Fallout. Despite the fact we enjoyed Halo, we can certainly appreciate more of Fallout as a result of the lore brought forward.

I was skeptical before this show came out due to how vast the world of Fallout truly is. You have so much to capture when it comes to Fallout from the vaults, the world, the little quirks, the known factions and so much more. You can’t deny that this show did a truly magnificent job of capturing everything.

I am over the moon Fallout 4 is getting a next-gen version because all the show has made me want to do is play the games. It’s safe to say I can’t wait for the 25th of April.

Story – /10

The story was a masterpiece and felt very authentic to the Fallout lore. It begins with 3 different characters and their stories; where they come from and effectively who they are. These 3 branching stories all naturally come together to merge into one overall story and it was a very good way to tell a story. The showrunners deserve props for this.


As the world of Fallout is full of mystery and darkness, the show does a good job of ensuring this is shown on the screen when you’re progressing through the story. I don’t need to say much more other than if you haven’t watched this already – then when you get a moment, watch the first episode. The story becomes addictive within the first 30 minutes.

Action – 10/10

Heads wouldn’t go boom if it wasn’t an Amazon Prime show. Right from the off when we see Vault 33 get invaded by what we presumed at the time to be Raiders – the action is incredible and it’s brutal too. It’s what you would expect to see in The Boys or Gen V. Fallout follows a similar type of pattern when it comes down to it. Each episode had elements of action and each action sequence was as enjoyable as the last. It would be criminal to not give this anything other than 10/10.

Characters – 10/10

The show centered around 3 characters.

  1. Lucy – a vault dweller from Vault 33 who is looking for her father after he was taken
  2. The Ghoul – a pre-war individual who has survived and is not the same person as he was before the Great War
  3. Maximus – a Brotherhood of Steel member trying to prove himself to the Brotherhood

We have other characters like Lee Moldaver, Hank, Norm, and others. I typically tend to judge my ratings on the character score based on impact and if I can remember names after the first episode. I remembered our three major characters within a few minutes and it stuck.

I can’t say that none of the major characters made an impact because they did. Lucy stood out more for me because she reminded me of a character within the games. She went from this good-spirited human being to a stone-cold killer, similar to what you go through when playing the games.

I loved the characters and I’m excited to see how it all plays out now a second season is on the way.


For more information on the full cast list, you can visit IMDb by clicking here.

Entertainment – 10/10

I can gauge how good a series is if my wife has never really heard of the lore before and still enjoys it. She loved it. She even watched the finale twice without me. For those of you who are new to our site today reading this review, I work full time. So the ability to binge this series wasn’t possible for me, especially with a 4-year-old son. This is why this review is out later than usual. However, throughout the day all I wanted to do was binge the show. I couldn’t think of anything else when it came to TV/movies, that’s all I need to know when it comes to rating this section the highest I possibly can do.

Episodes – 10/10

Fallout had 8 episodes that were all perfect length, some slightly longer than others. The entire series was released in one go and can be looked at in 2 different ways. Some people prefer episodic releases and some prefer an entire season to be released in one go. I’m the latter. I like being able to watch an entire series in my own time with the ability to know all of the episodes are already there. That’s the reason for the 10/10.

Antagonist – 10/10

See, I love the twist. Others may disagree but spoilers are incoming. Up until the end of the season, you believe the major antagonist is Lee Moldaver after her coordinated attack on Vault 33. The actual main antagonist is far more sinister than that, it’s Hank. Lucy’s father. He’s behind everything you see that’s happened during the show including the attacks on Shady Sands.

Granted, we didn’t know that until the end but it’s the twist that matters more here and it’s why I’ve given it 10/10. Simply because the twist wasn’t something I truly expected to happen. It blew me away. Now all I want to know is where Hank is going and what he’s up to.

Quality – 10/10

I’ve already discussed the quality of the episode and how much it represents the aesthetics of the video games itself. It feels immersive and that’s what is so damn good about the series. The CGI when needed was done to perfection and the acting was on point.


There is so much that could’ve gone wrong with this series but the opposite thankfully prevailed. As a huge Fallout fan, this game has done justice to live-action and proved yet again (as already mentioned) that if you stick to the source material, you cannot go wrong.

Favorite Episode

It’s a difficult one between the opening and the finale. Both were masterpieces it’s difficult to decide. The opener drew me in immediately with how well they brought the feeling of the game into it. However, the finale just blew me away. I think because of what it answered, how it happened, and what happened – I am going to go with the finale despite them being unbelievably close.

Worst Episode

There isn’t a single episode I could single out here. I’d say if I had to choose then perhaps the episode where Maximus lost the power armor. Only because I want to see more of the T-60s and beyond.

Our Overall Rating 10/10

It’s difficult not to drop a 10/10 rating for this show. I loved every second of it and I’m already craving so much more. I’m incredibly proud of how well Amazon Prime has done, not just with this series but the others as well. A perfect series that didn’t calculate any faults whatsoever in my opinion.

Does It Deserve Another Season?

Absolutely. Perhaps maybe the best video game to live-action adaption we’ve seen to date. Fallout has thankfully already been renewed for a second season which made sense not only because of the incredible reception but the cliffhanger.


Fallout is available exclusively on Amazon Prime.


Season Trailer

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The Review

Story - 10
Action - 10
Characters - 10
Entertainment - 10
Episodes - 10
Antagonist - 10
Quality - 10



It's difficult not to drop a 10/10 rating for this show. I loved every second of it and I'm already craving so much more. I'm incredibly proud of how well Amazon Prime has done, not just with this series but the others as well. A perfect series that didn't calculate any faults whatsoever in my opinion.

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