First Official Look at the Mortal Kombat Characters

What has felt like months without any promotional material, anything other than a few screenshots and some details on Lewis Tan’s character and the story of the movie, we finally have our first look at the characters before the release of the long-awaited trailer on the 18th of February.

I am extremely happy with how the characters look from Scorpion to Sonya Blade. They look perfect, badass, and straight from the video game series, now I just need the trailer.

Joe Taslim is Sub-Zero.

Every time I play the Mortal Kombat video games, I always without a doubt jump into a match and my first character I use is always Sub-Zero. He’s probably my main I use, this design, this look feels like it’s just been imported from the game, I couldn’t be happier.

Josh Lawson is Kano.

Kano is a character I’m not really a fan of, his design in the games is unique, to say the least, but I’m not always a fan of his look, however, his look in the movie feels like a badass bounty hunter type, it fits perfectly.

Sisi Stringer is Mileena.

Mileena looks absolutely great, her design looks simple, but sometimes you have to go simple, it works every now and again, this time it’s worked, it has the feel of Mortal Kombat perfectly.

Max Huang is Kung Lao.

Another absolutely insane look for a character from the series, I think this is probably one of the closest looks from the game series brought over to live-action, the detail is amazing, I can not wait to see him throwing his hat as a weapon.


Lewis Tan is Cole Young.

This is a hard one to talk about as this character, Cole Young is a character created purposely for the movie, which is great because they can take this character in any direction they want, new lore and stories to be told for this character. I’m also excited to see what Lewis Tan does.

Chin Han is Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung, the infamous villain of the Mortal Kombat universe. This design feels right, it feels like a leader of an army, with insane-looking armor.

Jessica McNamee is Sonya Blade.

There is not much to say about Sonya Blade’s look, it’s a simple military type of look and for the best part of this look for the movie, they’ve nailed it. I mean it’s not hard to nail this look in any movie.

Ludi Lin is Liu Kang.

Ludi Lin as Liu Kang is a perfect casting and one casting I’m super excited to see. Ludi has been a star in any movie he’s been in from Power Rangers to Aquaman, he nails each role and I have no doubt he’ll do the same in this.

Tadanobu Asano is Raiden.

Not much to say about this design for Raiden, they’ve killed it, simple yet elegant design, Absolutely love this design, especially the detail on the hat and staff.

Mehcad Brooks is Jax Briggs.

Now back when I heard Mehcad was cast as Jax, I didn’t know what to think of this casting as I’ve only ever seen him in Supergirl, however, he killed it, he went to the gym, got bulkier, and absolutely worked his boots off for the role. His design on the arms is great too.


Hiroyuki Sanada is Scorpion.

The character many people know the most, and probably the most popular character in the franchise, as fans and casual fans of the video game series know who this character is, The actor is great as well, such perfect casting.

Mortal Kombat April 16, 2021.

I think it’s safe to say that this movie is shaping up to be great, from the character designs to the little 20 seconds of footage we’ve seen. I can not wait to watch the trailer tomorrow and give my thoughts as someone who’s played the game and is a casual fan.

Mortal Kombat releases in theaters on April 16 as well as releasing on HBO Max on the same day as theater release.

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