Godzilla Vs. Kong Movie Review

Firstly, I want to say there will be spoilers in the article, please be aware of that when you read, thank you.

Short Movie Review

The movie begins with Kong, in Skull Island, although it’s not what we remember from his solo movie, essentially his island’s climate has been destabilized so Monarch watches over Kong in a giant dome. Jia the last Iwi native visits Kong and can communicate with him with sign language because she is deaf.

We later find out that Apex Cybernetics is causing Godzilla to become rational and destroy places because they have a device similar to the ORCA. Godzilla ends up attacking the facility and causing major damage. The news covers this attack and makes Godzilla an enemy again.

Elsewhere Madison and Josh meet up with Bernie, a conspiracy theorist who ends up finding out about Apex Cybernetics true plans along with Madison and Josh. The trio searches the facility and accidentally ends up in a testing range for Mecha-Godzilla.

Back with Kong, Monarch escorts him to the portal of sorts to go to the Hollow Earth, the secret base of the Titans. There we get to see Kong’s home, he finds a weapon in which can help him defeat Godzilla. In this new place, Maya turns on the group and steals some energy resource and uses it to power Mecha-Godzilla.

Godzilla uses his powers to blow a hole right to the place, Kong gets angry, ends up killing Maya and her men, and jumps into the hole to go fight Godzilla once again.


Back in normal Earth, Kong and Godzilla get into a heated battle in Hong Kong, they destroy a city tearing each other apart, major blows back and forth and Kong ends up stabbing Godzilla in the leg. Godzilla eventually gets the best of Kong and nearly kills him.

Just as the battle between the monsters is finished, Mecha-Godzilla arrives and starts destroying Godzilla, Kong gets help from Nathan and ends up joining the battle between the two monsters, Jia tells him that Godzilla is not an enemy but the robot one is. We get to see Kong absolutely destroy Mecha-Godzilla with his new weapon.

After the Mecha-Godzilla is destroyed, the two remaining Titans come to respect each other with Godzilla swimming off and Kong returning to the Hollow Earth.

Favorite Moments

Hands down, my favorite moments of the movie were the fights between Godzilla and Kong, I think anyone who sees’s this movie will say the same, the fights between the two Titans were amazing, they didn’t hold anything back and legitimately tried to kill one another.


Yes, The movie is fun and has some decent moments from Titans to Human scenes.

The Verdict

I will admit, even though I did enjoy the movie, the story could have been much better in terms of how it ending up going. The story felt like it was rushed. It wasn’t much to the story, it was basically less story, all fighting, and visuals. For what story it did tell, especially for Kong was actually decent, like his connection to that girl, how they both connect and communicate through sign language. The Hollow Earth was trippy but really well done. The cast was great as well, the actors truly nailed their roles.


Rating: 8.4/10

Photo: Godzilla vs. Kong


Story - 7
Action - 10
Characters - 8
Entertainment - 8.5



An ok story, but mostly the movie was focused on the Titans, their fights, and visuals.

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