Green Lantern Corps Movie Fancasts

We’ll eventually be getting a movie focused mainly on the Green Lantern Corps. This movie has been announced for a while, but we haven’t heard anything since.

This list will be my personal fancasts for some members of the Green Lanterns and maybe a villain or two.

1. Hal Jordan – James Marsden

Now, Ryan Reynolds played Hal Jordan so incredibly well that it will most likely be a task in its self to match the charisma he brought to the character of Hal.

However, James Marsden has proved he has the same qualities that Hal has, he’s got the seriousness, the comedic, and the swagger that comes with the character of Hal.

Marsden has always had previous experience playing a superhero in a major franchise in Scott Summers AKA Cyclops throughout the countless X-Men movies.

2. John Stewart – Trevante Rhodes or Omari Hardwick

Now, I was stuck on choosing one single actor for the role of John Stewart in the Green Lantern Corps movie in the future so my two picks are Trevante Rhodes or Omari Hardwick.


Trevante proved himself to be a great actor as for me, he was one of the standout characters in The Predator reboot with that military training he got for the movie would come in handy for this role.

Omari Hardwick, on the other hand, has absolutely killed it in the STARZ series Power (along with another Green Lantern fancast of mine). He carried the show for 6 seasons and has also done a few really good movies.

3. Guy Gardner – Joseph Sikora

Sikora starred alongside Omari Hardwick in Power, he was also the best thing about that show and quickly became a fan favorite in that series throughout its entire run.

He’s proved he’s got a range of acting abilities from starring in TV shows to Netflix shows to movies. He’s quickly becoming a huge star and will soon be big enough to run a couple of movies in major companies like DC or Marvel.

Joseph would obviously throw himself into the role, train countless times, and immerse himself in the comic lore for the character to truly nail Guy’s persona.

4. Sinestro – Luke Evans

Luke Evans is such an amazing actor in everything he stars in. He’s the perfect bad guy as seen in Fast and Furious 6 where he came up against Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs and sent them on a mission throughout Europe.


Leading an anti-hero/villain in a franchise like this could push his career to the next level and I can easily see him become one of DC’s best live-action villains.

Luke Evans is one of the major fan casts out there for the character of Sinestro among DC fans and casual fans alike. Luke Evans would also make the perfect main character alongside James Marsden.

5. Kyle Rayner – Justin H. Min

Now, this might be a tiny bit controversial as not many people would pick someone like Justin for the role of Kyle. However, Justin has been in the Netflix series Umbrella Academy and the scenes he’s been in, he’s absolutely killed them.

Justin is 30 years old, So in the Green Lantern Corps movie he could already be an established Lantern or he could be a rookie Lantern who at someone in the franchise becomes the first White Lantern in the DCEU.

I personally would love to see what Justin could do with this role, I know he’d kill it just like he does on Umbrella Academy.

6. Jessica Cruz – Stephanie Sigman

This fancast would be kind of similar to Justin’s fancast, A tiny bit controversial yet would absolutely kill the role. My only fear is that she wouldn’t be down to be a key character in the franchise if the rumors are true about Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz being the two main Lanterns we’ll see.


Stephanie Sigman appeared in SWAT as a badass Police chief but left in Season 2 as she gave birth. I personally would love to see how Sigman would look at Jessica Cruz.

It would also be an immense change for me to see her portray this shy, nervous wreck of a character then blossom into one of the better-written Lanterns in recent years.

7. Simon Baz – Mena Massoud

Finally, my last fancast (for now)… Mena Massoud as Simon Baz would be insane. He’s got the right look, ethnicity, and charm for Simon Baz. Mena could relate to the character so much and could bring light to another Muslim character.

Mena has had trouble getting auditions since he starred in the great live-action Aladdin alongside Will Smith. He kept on par with an incredible actor in Will Smith which is something hard to do.

Mena also could be raw emotion to the character, could bring more diversity to the DCEU going forward, and could easily handle a franchise of this magnitude.

This is my main picks for a Green Lantern Corps movie franchise in the DCEU going forward. So really hyped fancasts and some not so out there castings.


The Green Lantern Corps movie could expand the DCEU even more than it already is and would give it some stability which is needed at the moment.

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