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“Jenna Ortega Might Never Be Able To Play A Marvel Role Due To Iron Man 3 Role” – What A Load Of Trash

See, this is the type of shit that frustrates me as a content writer. There are places with a huge following that are literally reporting this and also “Mia Khalifa”. It proves an absolute lack of knowledge and research into the topic.

These places are reporting that Jenna would not be able to play a Marvel role as she’s already played a character in the MCU.

She played the Vice President’s daughter in Iron Man 3. That’s it. It’s so minuscule that barely anybody recognized it.

Firstly, I am unsure where this stemmed from in the first place. Ortega is coming off the back of a hugely successful Netflix series with Wednesday. She has gained such a massive following due to her incredible performance in the series, and doors should rightfully open for her. This doesn’t have to be Marvel.

Although Marvel is perhaps arguably the biggest franchise in the world and a gem for any actor, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t go into Star Wars, continue advancing the Addams universe, or something else.

If Marvel approached, she could easily slip into a role. Why? Because her role was TINY in the MCU.


Second, there have been many actors who have had a dual role in the MCU. Let’s take a look;

  1. Alfre Woodard played Mariah Dillard in Luke Cage and also Miriam Sharpe in Captain America: Civil War.
  2. Benedict Cumberbatch played both Doctor Strange and Dormammu.
  3. Clancy Brown played Colonel Ray Schoonover in Daredevil and The Punisher, he also played Surtur in Ragnarok.
  4. Damion Poitier played one of Crossbones henchmen in Civil War and originally played Thanos.
  5. Enver Gjokaj played a police officer in The Avengers and also Daniel Sousa in Agent Carter.
  6. Gemma Chan played Minn-Erva in Captain Marvel and Sersi in Eternals. Both are huge roles.
  7. Joe Russo has played multiple roles including the doctor who operated on Fury in Winter Soldier and also in Endgame at the therapy meeting.
  8. Laura Haddock played Peter Quill’s mother and also the girl who asked for Cap’s autograph in the first Captain America movie.
  9. Michelle Yeoh has played Aleta Ogord in Guardians of the Galaxy and also Ying Nan in Shang-Chi.
  10. Paul Bettany as JARVIS, Vision and White Vision.

There is more than this. Thank you to ScreenRant for the article detailing them all. You can click here to view each individual character.

Even IF she couldn’t play another character. There’s this amazing thing called the MULTIVERSE. This allows Marvel to open any damn door they want. Honestly man.

As a network, it’s things like this that frustrate us because it’s simply wrong. It’s not researched, they’re just using Ortega for clickbait because of how successful her show is. The fact that these publications published this article and even after being blasted in their comment sections for being wrong, they still kept it up. Proving one thing. They only care about clicks and money.

As Marvel fans, we know fine well that if Ortega wanted a role she’d get one. Whatever the character may be. Either way, Ortega has a very bright future ahead of her.



Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, Director and co-owner of Only Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Only Comic Universe website.

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