“Knuckles” First Impressions

As always, when a season drops at once, I like to give my first thoughts as I’m unfortunately unable to binge a series as much as I’d like to.

I will give props where props are due. I still remember when the first Sonic trailer dropped and I’ve never seen an uprising from a trailer like it, It was mayhem. Thankfully Sony and Paramount pulled back and performed a monumental redesign and here we are a few years later.

Since then, we’ve had 2 movies, a soon-to-be third, and now a spin-off series. From then to now is a great feat as it shows how successful the franchise has been on the impressive live-action front.

Right from the beginning, what I liked about the series is that it’s set very soon after the events of the second movie. Knuckles and Tails are now living with Sonic and co as well. Knuckles isn’t doing well adjusting to life on Earth though and even finds construction workers repairing the house to be enemies.

Knuckles. Credit: Paramount

We get a more light-hearted side of Knuckles which is only a positive thing. I know the entire franchise is light-hearted but it’s nice to see Knuckles try to be more.

Just like the movies, the first episode made me laugh, it had me entertained and I enjoyed it. The episodes feel a bit shorter than usual but this is because I’m watching this off the back of Fallout which had much longer episodes.


As I’ve only watched 1 episode, it hasn’t given a lot away. You can tell immediately the show will have a good story and the action already showed how fantastic it truly can be. The scene in the bowling alley was so damn entertaining and you find yourself rooting for Knuckles.

I’ll never knock a series like this being made because it adds more to an already hugely successful franchise. After all, most of us 30+ will remember playing the OG Sonic games and eventually seeing Knuckles added to the games.

Now, what else I find impressive so far is the fact we’ve got the majority of the movie cast back except Tom and Doctor Robotnik. We already have quite a few scenes with Sonic and Tails in them. I fully anticipate that we won’t see a lot of those 2 until the end of the season when they’re needed but overall it’s been enjoyable as of now.

Knuckles is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+. Try it FREE!


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