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Krypton “Mercy” Review

Season 2 episode 8 “Dev and Jayna help Seg and Nyssa target Gen. Zod’s fleet when they make a shocking discovery.”

What Was Good?

1. The episode kicks off with what felt like a flashback scene of Seg and Lyta walking through the rankless sector being a happy couple and planning to run off to Kryptonopolis and start fresh. I thought this was either a dream Seg was having or an actual flashback but more on this later on.

2. Zod is speaking to his head of science who is working on getting Doomsday to be fully under the control of Zod, she says it’s going to be hard to do that then Zod informs her of the “Black Mercy” which is a planet which keeps people in a dream state of their perfect world which we come to find out is keeping the real Lyta in a dream state which i mentioned earlier.

3. Seg, Nyssa, Jayna and Dev come up with a plan to break into Fort Ras but their plan gets interrupted when they get spotted by Sagitari which leads to Seg and Nyssa surrendering while Jayna and Dev move on with the plan. This for me shows how smart Seg is in the show, he knows what he needs to do for any plan to go right.

4. Jayna and Dev get spotted and are close to getting shot but they get saved by Lyta who escaped the Black Mercy. I’m glad Lyta is still alive and they went with the clone way like Nyssa, I guessed this earlier in the season when we saw Lyta die.

Seg and Nyssa are kept in a laser field prison cell which Dev arrives and starts punching it to break it with his metal arm and free’s Seg and Nyssa then goes to tell Seg about Lyta but before he could do that she walks in and her and Seg kisses which makes Nyssa look away.


What Was Bad?

1. Seg and Nyssa can not track Brainiac anywhere in the galaxy.. Nyssa says it would take too long to find Brainiac, In my opinion Seg should get Lobo to go find Brainiac because he tracked Brainiac inside Seg for an entire episode.

2. While i’m glad and happy that Lyta is not actually dead it made her clone death cheap and not meaningful one bit.. it felt like a cop out.

Holy Shit Moment

The vision Seg saw in the Phantom Zone of Zod strangling Lyta came back into play this episode as we saw what truly happened in that vision, Zod put Lyta inside the Black Mercy and made a clone of Lyta. The Black Mercy showed Lyta her perfect life, binding with Seg, having a child but then it showed Lyta what mistakes she made and that Zod would grow to become a killer and take over the galaxy.

The Verdict

Fairly decent episode in my opinion. Lot of stuff happened like Lyta returning, introducing the Black Mercy. Lyta reuniting with her mother and Seg, Zod still planning on trying to control Doomsday.

Rating: 8/10

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