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Krypton Season 3 Sounded Amazing

Krypton was a series that was very underrated in terms of viewership and ratings, while I believe this was because of the network it was on with that being SYFY.

The show still had its own fanbase, and in the two seasons it was airing, it really grew into its own unique show, diving further into the lore of Superman, Krypton, Zod, and more which shaped the future of one of DC’s greatest heroes, Superman.

Sadly, the show was canceled after ending on such a high note with a major cliffhanger involving the Thanagarian’s, Omega Men, and more.

Recently, thanks to a showrunner, we got details of what the plot of season 3 was going to be before it was ultimately canceled by SYFY, even though Warner Bros. loved the show, so this makes me think ratings eventually sank the ship.

1. Jor-El would have been a teenager living on Earth with Brainiac, a dark mirror version of Clark Kent’s life in Smallville, Brainiac is raising Jor-El to be a weapon.

2. Red Kryptonite exposure would be causing Kryptonian’s to become fertile once again, but also causing a sudden onset of psychosis, it would be referred to as Virus-X.


3. Seg, Lobo, and Adam would track Nyssa on RANN, Nyssa would have been saved by the Omega Men from a Thanagarian kill squad. They would eventually team up to save an engineer named Sardath, Who Nyssa hoped would help find Jor-El.

4. The team would use the last of Adam’s Zeta beams to travel to Earth after they discover time moves faster there, They would land in modern-day Russia, Adam perplexed Seg doesn’t manifest powers on Earth.

5. Virus-X causes a prison riot in Fort Rozz, Zod now free from the black mercy is moved, Val, Dev, Jayna, and Lyta ask Zod for help as he is resistant to the Virus-X.

6. Zod would enter the birthing matrix and meets Oracle, A sentient A.I who is the real cause of Virus-X, Oracle would see natural birth as a defect & wants to restart Krypton, Zod would agree then escapes. He’s captured & sent to the phantom zone, A sentence he happily accepts.

7. Val would have been rehabilitating Doomsday, Helping the man inside the monster.

8. Nyssa heads to BOKOS, where she would discover her father had murdered the real Daron Vex, She would have been revealed to be Thanagarian.


9. Nyssa would head back to RANN and confronts the Hawkpeople, where she discovers her father was a Thanagarian spy sent to Krypton to proceed a full-on invasion of the world, Nyssa is then revealed to be the heiress to the Thanagarian throne, She would then obtain her nTH metal wings, armour & mace. Here she gives the Hawkpeople an ultimatum, those in power may remain so, as long as they end their occupation of RANN.

10. Time would be running out for Krypton, Seg, Val & the others devise a plan using the vast knowledge bestowed upon Jor-El by Brainiac to utilise Doomsday’s unique physiology to create a cure for Virus-X.

11. The vaccine is to be mass-produced using the genesis chamber, as they arrive they are immediately swarmed by hordes of rabid Kryptonians.

12. Dev and Jayna (now a couple) lead a group of Sagittari to stop the horde of Kryptonians.

13. Inside the chamber, they would attempt to administer the vaccine however, Oracle would reject their attempts.

14. Oracle, now understanding the lengths Krypton will go through to save itself, downloads itself into an invulnerable clone body, eventually becoming the Eradicator.


15. The Eradicator would then float above Kandor, killing Kryptonians left, right, and center with its energy beams.

16. All hope seems lost, The Eradicator then takes aim at Val and Seg, however, Doomsday arrives.

17. Doomsday would leap into the air, spear tackling The Eradicator into the genesis chamber at lightning speed, with a huge battle ensuing.

18. The team is once again, quickly outnumbered. The ravenous Virus-X has affected Kryptonians who move in for the kills.

19. Hawkwoman (Nyssa) would arrive wearing her new war attire and wings, swooping in with a jet pack-wearing Adam Strange in tow, Forcing the horde back.

20. Back inside the chamber, Jor-El uses his superior intellect to bypass Oracle’s firewalls, Eradicator lines up Jor-El for the kill shot, Val steps in front and is killed, ultimately saving Jor-El from certain death.


21. The vaccine works and the effects of Virus-X begin to subside nearly immediately.

22. Seg tells Doomsday (who can almost speak) to get the Eradicator to the high council chambers.

23. Seg turns on the Phantom Zone projector where Doomsday makes a conscious decision to hold The Eradicator in place and drag them both into the Phantom Zone.

24. Doomsday ultimately becomes champion of Krypton by saving them all.

25. Almost as soon as The Eradicator and Doomsday are gone, The Phantom Zone reactivates with Zod stepping out with Non and Ursa, They float and their eyes glow red.

From everything that was teased in this, this sounded like season 3 would have been a step up from season 2 even though season 2 was amazing, with insane fight scenes.


This season would of lead Krypton into 2 more seasons for the show taking it to 5 seasons altogether. Which is insane, this should have happened.

A Lobo series is potentially still on the table, however, it will definitely not be with SYFY.

A Lobo series would be perfect especially with Emmett J. Scanlan returning to the role.

Credit: @itsryanunicomb on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/itsryanunicomb/

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