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Legends of Tomorrow “Bored on Board Onboard” Review

Season 6 Episode 12 “While Waverider makes its way back to Earth via normal rather than jump drive, Gary suggests that they play a game. However, John uses his newfound powers to make the game real – and deadly.”

What I Liked?

1. I love that the show is consistently showing us that Constantine isn’t fine drinking this blood or liquid that grants him the magic, we get to see it happen this episode when he uses his magic which causes his wrist to tense up or to snap into one place, I think this might be Constantine’s downfall.

2. After a short recharge, we are back to Constantine using his “magic” to make Gary’s boardgame into a real game for their journey back to Earth, however, the longer the Legends are in the game, the more real it gets with the evil magic Constantine is using.

3. Kayla returns, and boards the Waverider, she tells Gary and Mick that she can fix the ship and get them back to Earth quicker, This will most like be the only time I’ll ever give Gary a positive like is that he was suspicious of Kayla ever since she returned and he was correct.

What I Disliked?

1. The Legends need to waste time on their journey back to Earth so they play a version of Dungeons and Dragons until Constantine ruins it with his magic. This made me dislike it because I’m not a fan of any show which does this type of episode, it’s just boring.

2. I hate the predictability that the episode delivered with the Constantine/Behrad arguments, I literally saw the typical “don’t make me choose between my boyfriend and my brother” situation, I saw it coming from a mile away and it was just a huge bad point in the episode.


3. As Gary made the like list, he also made this list because every time I review it, Gary is always a constant on this list and this episode is no different, he gets into a fight with… a tentacle and gets choked out by it, and for some reason, Mick was wearing a really, really bad wig.

Favorite Moment

My favorite moment was surprisingly dark, it was in the board game and the Legends were all killed, Nate with a knife in his back, and the rest with their necks slit.

Standout Character

Behrad surprisingly got the standout this week, noticing that something is off in Constantine ever since returning from the fountain.

The Verdict

Overall, an improvement over the last few episodes but let’s be honest, that was saying much. This episode was slightly better than those but not by much. The only interesting storyline that this series has is the Constantine storyline, which isn’t even the main story.

Rating: 5/10

Photo: Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Episode 13.


Story - 5
Action - 5
Characters - 5
Entertainment - 5



Overall, an improvement over the last few episodes but let's be honest, that was saying much. This episode was slightly better than those but not by much. This series's only interesting storyline is the Constantine storyline, which isn't even the main story.


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