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Marvel Games Officially Announces A New “Iron Man” Game

Marvel Games has officially announced a new Iron Man game that is in early development from Marvel Games and Motive Studio.

In a tweet from the official Iron Man account, it states that this new game will be an “all-new single-player, third-person, action-adventure title”.

It’s been years since Iron Man last had a solo video game so this is a welcome addition to any gamer. Motive Studio is the studio behind the upcoming “Dead Space” video game.

Nothing is known about the Iron Man just that as previously mentioned it will be an all-new, single-player, action-adventure game and that it’s still currently in early development.

This makes me believe that we will not see this game until late 2024 at the earliest.


I’m excited about this new project, Marvel’s Avengers did Iron Man quite well, albeit some suits, etc, but ultimately his flying and moveset were decent.

I hope there is a range of customization on this new Iron Man game, give us a huge catalog of Iron Man suits to choose from, it was a major down factor for the Marvel’s Avengers game, while it looked like Iron Man has a huge range of different suits, ultimately they were reskinned.

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