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Ms. Marvel “Seeing Red” Review

Season 1 Episode 4 – Kamala travels around the world to solve the mystery of the bangle and her family’s history.

Please note, our reviews are based on likes and dislikes. These contain major spoilers. If you haven’t already watched the episode we would recommend that you click off the article, and come back once you have watched the episode. Enjoy!

What I Liked

1. There have been some good vibe moments during the first 10 minutes of the episode. Kamala slept with a plush sloth toy, and then she ate food that made her sweat like crazy. It feels fun with the show, the humour is subtle but enjoyable. It’s what I do like about the show. It adds a different type of uniqueness to a superhero show.

2. Kamala gets her into her first proper 1v1 fight and as you can predict, it goes exactly how you think it does. A lot of witty banter whilst knives and giant fists are thrown about. I did enjoy this scene. It’s showing more and more that Kamala is able to handle her own.

3. The Djinn group escape from a supermax prison and do it in style as well. I think it’s clear from this moment that their ultimate aim is the bangle. We knew they were the villains from last week but this pretty much cements that. A decent scene seeing them creatively take out the guards and escape.

4. Kamala has a moment with the Red Daggers, learning to control her powers even more and also being given a piece of “armoured” fabric until the group descent on them through the ceiling. A fight then persists between both groups resulting in Kamala attempting to escape in a yellow 3-wheeler scooter. This is definitely getting interesting. I like it!


5. During the chase, it becomes super intense. Kamala manages to save a family struggling to start their motorbike. The Red Dagger individual with her then amazingly unsecured the rear end of the scooter and drives the bike purely on the front wheel. Brilliant.

What I Disliked

The episode was very slow to build again. Also, the fact we still don’t have the suit yet with only 2 episodes to go is disappointing. I do hope the next episode really does pick up after we’ve seen Kamala in full action.

Favourite Moment

After the leader of the Red Dagger’s is seemingly killed, Kamala and her new friend become cornered. They beautifully decide to stand and fight instead. Kamala amazingly handles her own yet again in a major way, even to the point she manhandles a couple of the group. This is exactly what I wanted to see. I want to her powers go full-fledged, I didn’t want to see them built too slowly. This truly was the best moment of the episode without question.

Standout Character

It goes to Kamala again. She made me laugh a lot this episode with her witty comebacks. I absolutely loved the fact she stood her ground this episode and decided to fight after being cornered. She truly does embody Ms Marvel.


A very good episode with a lot of action-packed scenes. We finally got to move forward with the story and the end definitely intrigued me as she seemingly has gone back in time. I can’t wait to see where the next episode goes.

Rating 8.8/10

The Review

Story - 9
Action - 9
Characters - 9
Entertainment - 8
Quality - 9



A very good episode with a lot of action-packed scenes. We finally got to move forward with the story and the end definitely intrigued me as she seemingly has gone back in time. I can't wait to see where the next episode goes.


Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, Director and co-owner of Only Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Only Comic Universe website.

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