Pennyworth “Cilla Black” Review

Season 1 Episode 6 “Martha and Patricia Wayne attend a debauched party with famed magician Aleister Crowley.”

What Was Good?

1. In a fairly emotional scene, Alfred’s father places his hand over Alfred’s as they’re discussing his anger, and affiliation with John Ripper. It was nothing to rave about, but their relationship has been a mess, this was nice to see.

2. Alfred goes slightly psycho after his visit with the witch. Advised to bring the hand of a murderer, he sharp does. A scene with a disgruntled drunk man, they end up in a fight and a machete is drawn. Nasty considering the machete ends up in Alfred’s hands and he uses it. You can guess what for.

3. I liked the creepy nature after Alfred goes back to the witch. As he returns home has has scratches all over his body that resemble those from a tiger like animal. The entire scenes with the witch set an eerie vibe.

What Was Bad?

1. Of course John was never going to give up the name that easily. Far too predictable. Now Alfred has to go on another mission for this witch he was sent to by Ripper. I feel like it’s going to drag this “who killed Esme” ark out until the finale. It actually doesn’t seem THAT big of a deal.

2. Martha has came across as extremely intelligent and strong throughout the season. So, why in the world did she go to this party with Patricia? It makes no sense. Thomas warned her, and goes to a “satanic party”. The logic is mind blowing.


Holy Shit Moment

We find out who killed Esme, by the way or dreams and a vision. It was weird but I’m glad we finally know. If we know, that is.

The Verdict

One of, if not the worst episode of the season so far. It did have strong scenes with an advancement on the main story. However it was all just incredibly lacklustre. The scenes with Patricia and Martha were beyond pointless.

Rating: 7.9/10

Daniel Lewandowski

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