Potential Avengers 5 Updates

When it comes to the superhero world, it feels a bit empty without an Avengers blockbuster to look forward to. From 2012 to 2019, we always had another Avengers movie to look forward to and ever since Endgame was released, it’s felt rather empty.

We know there are more Avengers movies on the way, but for some reason, the hype doesn’t feel the same. This is because of the bang-average films/series that have been released, the poor CGI, the poor direction and then it makes matters worse with Jonathan Majors’ legal battles.

Culture Crave on X has released some potential new details which are as follows;

  • May feature over 60 MCU characters
  • Ensemble instead of a handful of characters leading the team
  • Thor, Loki, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Nebula, and Shang-Chi are among the potential characters
  • Michael Waldron has turned in the latest script
  • Production begins in 2025
  • Main villain is unknown
  • Shawn Levy is their top choice to direct
  • Marvel is going to meet with other directors while they wait for him to make a decision

Of course, at this point, take everything with a pinch of salt. Avengers 5 is still 2 years away from release and if a script hasn’t been handed in at this point, I’d be surprised if the 1st of May 2026 release date will still stand, more so considering there’s been next to no build-up to an Avengers film and even more so now with Majors no longer portraying Kang.

Either way, I hope now this news is true and we can begin to look forward to a new Avengers movie.

Credit: Avengers: Endgame // Disney+

Daniel Lewandowski

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