Should Bruce Wayne Show Up In Batwoman Season 2?

For me personally, Batwoman got off to a rocky start but in recent episodes, the show has truly revealed its potential, and it’s getting exciting.

Now, I have been thrown off a couple of times when I have brought this subject up. However, it was the same people that threw me off when I mentioned Superman joining Supergirl.

Like Clark, Bruce has been mentioned relentlessly throughout the show, and at the moment he’s missing.

It just makes sense for the show. Just like Superman did in Supergirl. So, why not?

After all, Kate has stemmed from Batman and the mantle he created and using it herself. He’s not dead as far as we know, he’s just been gone for quite some time.

Bringing him to the show, even just on a small-time basis to help out the city he loves, and protected will work wonders. Especially if Gotham really goes into the pan – then realistically, would he let it drop, just like that? In the show the Crows stepped up, more importantly, the corruption angle is setting them aside anyway, so honestly, in the end, it just makes sense.


Just like Superman, they will need to it right. A suit, a good actor to fill in, and an ark for him to go with.

I understand Batman is DC’s baby, and they never want it done wrong. However, we’ve saw Batman in the CW as the Kingdom Come Batman. David played Batman at the very end of Gotham. We’ve also had Bruce Wayne in TITANS, plus a Batman angle at the end of TITANS season 1 – so why should this be any different? Even more, the show is based on the Bat mantle.

So the answer to the article is absolutely. It makes sense as I’ve said a few times in this article. Not only that, if people got wind that the man himself, fully-fledged Batman, and the suit was appearing – then surely that can only bolster viewings in such a fantastic way?

I hope it happens.

What do you think? Do you think it’s too early, or do you think they should pull the trigger on this?


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