Supergirl “Dream Weaver” Review

Season 6 Episode 9 – Supergirl intervenes when a building in the Heights that was set aside for low income housing is suddenly at risk to be sold to a major corporation; Supergirl recruits Orlando to help her win over the city.

What I Liked

1. The way Kelly dealt with Joey in the home was astounding, and I have to give the actress huge props. She made that scene feel and look as realistic as possible, whilst investigating his older brother. We find out Orlando looks to be forced to use his powers, resulting in him becoming sicker as he does. Kelly goes back to let Supergirl and co know, and I’m glad they stand with Kelly in this.

2. I really liked the conversation between Nxyl and Nia in the dream world. We know now just what Nxyl is capable of after her interactions with Kara in the Phantom Zone. She promises Nia she can bring her mother back for 1 day only if she gets her out of the dream world. It’s definitely an interesting take on Nia’s powers, it’s about time we touched on this in more detail.

3. Kelly’s constant persistence in ensuring Joey is safe is admirable. She even goes to the property to download CCTV footage showing him in some ways being abused. It’s one of the better episodes for Kelly I have to admit, especially taking her own initiative on this front.

4. “No one’s going anywhere!” J’onn finally had an excellent moment. He and Supergirl show up to where the aliens are held hostage, and also where they’ll be killed after the job, and save them. They’re not exactly forthcoming with the idea and a fight pursues between Supergirl and J’onn against the aliens.

5. Orlando explains to Supergirl why he’s doing what he’s doing, and why he’s done what he’s done to get to this point. It’s emotional. It hits home especially when you can see just how much he wants to do right by himself and his brother, but is seriously struggling. I’m glad Kara has stepped in here in order to assist this.


6. Kelly becomes Guardian. And this is something that has been a long time coming, and I do wish they did this a LOT sooner. Kelly has had a lot of wasted storylines, and I hope they do her justice towards the end of the season by not rushing the character’s development as much as they possibly can.

What I Disliked

1. As Kelly and Kara are leaving the prison after investigating Orlando, Kara uses her heat vision to crack a cup to distract a prison officer. She uses the vision RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. I get the need to investigate but come on, you cannot be THAT stupid.

2. The moment the police mentioned to the aliens to proceed to steal, Kara and J’onn heard this. They didn’t even bother to intervene there and then but instead waiting until they blew the door off the truck and set up a shield to stop them from getting through. They looked pathetic. This literally felt like them both, considering they had a perfect opportunity to intervene.

3. Supergirl finally goes on record for Catco in an interview with William. The reason why I’ve put this on my dislikes is that for a couple of episodes now it’s just been a constant nag by a character that is bringing absolutely nothing to the story or the show. Andrea’s arc lately is just wasted, and this is why I disliked this so much.

4. Is Nia stupid? She’s really striking a deal with Nxyl?! What a moron. That’s all I will say about that.

Favourite Moment

Joey and Orlando are finally reunited after Supergirl’s help, and Kelly’s intervention in order to prove the abuse. A great way to end the episode.


Standout Character

I’m giving this week’s standout to Kelly. She surprised me this week. The way she handled the case with Joey, investigating and providing evidence to get this situation turned around was admirable. I know I’ve already said that, but she was fantastic this week.


Improvement. That’s the one word I can describe this episode. After perhaps the worst episode in Supergirl’s history last week, the show has managed to turn around this week in a big way. There are still some lingering issues, and scenes that don’t make sense, but overall, MUCH BETTER!

Rating 7.5/10

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Story - 8
Action - 6
Characters - 8
Entertainment - 8



Improvement. That's the one word I can describe this episode. After perhaps the worst episode in Supergirl's history last week, the show has managed to turn around this week in a big way. There are still some lingering issues, and scenes that don't make sense, but overall, MUCH BETTER!

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