Supergirl “Rebirth” Review

Season 6 Episode 1 – As Brainiac lays close to death after trying to stop Lex, Supergirl and team soar in to save him; Lena enlists the entire team to help stop her brother.

What I Liked

01. The opening scenes were decent. Brainiac is saved as we kind of suspect in the first place, a fight pursues between the team and Leviathon. They win in the end as expected and it was just an overall good scene. It’s tough to be overly excited about it, but nonetheless, it was great to see the entire team come together for a fight.

2. I just love Lex. He’s literally one of the most saving graces of this entire show. His sarcasm when Supergirl offers to surrender was witty and brilliant. Jon just plays the role so well.

3. Obsidian North is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the VR platform failing miserably. Andrea takes a different approach, she uses her powers, heads to her father’s computer and purchases a bulk load of stocks in the company. Desperate times call for desperate measures, I liked this.

4. A good scene when the Martian‘s shut down the satellites. It showed unity and strength to keep going. To be honest, it’s just about damn time J’onn actually did something useful in the show.

5. Lex is eventually stripped with his powers and he actually manages to hit Kara with a phantom projector while doing so. This was fairly unpredictable, to be honest, so I guess that’s something.


What I Disliked

1. I didn’t like the fact Lena is telling Alex who to tell about her identity. Pretty sure that’s Kara’s right and her right only, and they should surely wait for her to come out of the Phantom Zone first. They all act like the world is ending when her secret identity is safeguarded and it’s pathetic.

2. Supergirl had a couple of scenes with some seriously wonky CGI. I know it’s The CW and not a theatrical release, but I don’t see other CW shows have issues like this. The way the kryptonite affecting Kara looks, well, it just looks ridiculous.

Favourite Moment

Lex dancing to We Are The Champions whilst playing with the weapon in the Fortress was just not what I expected at all. Even though it was an awfully cringe moment, it was still hilarious.

Standout Character

It’s an easy one for this episode, and this honourable award goes to Lex himself. He was funny, calculating, sarcastic and just damn good to watch. He brings the best part to the show, and has done since he arrived, I hope this isn’t the last we see of him.


A solid premiere, and I honestly wasn’t all up for this season due to how poor last season was, but I think the showrunners are onto something with the story they’re heading for as the season wraps up for good.

Rating 8.5/10

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Story - 8
Action - 8
Characters - 9
Entertainment - 9



A solid premiere, and I honestly wasn't all up for this season due to how poor last season was, but I think the showrunners are onto something with the story they're heading for as the season wraps up for good.


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