Supergirl “Still I Rise” Review

Season 6 Episode 10 – Supergirl intervenes when a building in the Heights that was set aside for low income housing is suddenly at risk to be sold to a major corporation; Supergirl recruits Orlando to help her win over the city.

What I Liked

1. Of course Nia gets played by Nxyl, but to be fair she does hold up to her end of the bargain when it comes to bringing her mother back for 24 hours. Even when Nia’s mother shows up, she even blasts Nia in a way for doing what she’s done, and I’m glad she did. This decision by Nia was downright stupid.

2. Joey and Orlando’s housing falls through. Supergirl and Kelly step in to held and uphold the promises made to them both. Supergirl does give Orlando another glimmer of hope which I did actually like. I am happy they’re keeping this story progresses, as it does show they’re more than just crime-fighting vigilantes.

3. I have to give Andrea props for her idea for Supergirl. They need to convince City Council to switch their stance on public housing. Andrea suggests instead of a “colorful pie chart” and some “statistics”, Supergirl could do a social media takeover, a live Q&A. This would serve the purpose a lot better as they need people onboard quickly, it’s about the first good idea she’s had in such a long time.

4. When Supergirl is midway through her Q&A, if you subtly look at the comments she’s being rinsed for her vegetable advert, and rightfully so. One of them was; “how much broccoli is too much?” Hilarious.

5. Supergirl attempts to speak to the City Council workers to get them to change their stance on selling the Heights to a multi-billion dollar corporation that will invest, put increase prices that results in specific criminals unfortunately unable to afford it. I can understand it from the City Council. After all, the corporation would build schools, parks, better housing conditions, and more.


6. After Nia and her mother’s time comes to an end, it’s fairly emotional, but Nia finally finds the courage to fight. She does say to no one that she’s coming for Nxyl, but she looks angry and GOOD! Hopefully, this aggression continues as we desperately need to see Nia handle her powers and abilities in order to stop Nxyl.

7. Orlando shows up the vote in order to persuade the City Council workers to change their stance once more after Supergirl fails. I’d like to give a special shout-out to Jhaleil Swaby for the exceptional acting in his speech. It was emotional and impactful. Bravo!

8. The building where they’re all situated is rigged to blow, and this is such a good scene all around. Alex and Brainiac evacuate the building, J’onn holds up the building whilst Supergirl destroys the bomb. This entire scene was very well done, and the CGI was a lot better than it’s been in recent episodes. After everyone is saved, the vote goes in the favour of Supergirl and co, which brings about a happy ending for Orlando and his brother.

What I Disliked

1. As if Supergirl and Brainiac did an advert on eating green vegetables. It was only last Supergirl was all about fighting crime and remaining safe, now she’s doing these stupid videos that incredibly cringe my life.

2. I do feel like Nia’s mother returning was a complete waste of time. It added nothing of value to Nia or the story. Despite giving Nia the courage, ultimately it was boring and a waste of time.

Favourite Moment

What an ending to Supergirl!! After Nxyl regains her powers, she completely disarms Supergirl of her powers, and makes her powerless, feeling what she felt in the Phantom Zone. Only in the end does she call for Mxyz, who’s an Imp as well!! This is shaping up to be great!


Standout Character

I have to give this one to Orlando. The scene where he emotionally pleads with the City Council workers to not vote for the organization to take over the Heights was amazing. The acting here hit home, and I do hope we see a lot more of him for the remainder of the season.


The showrunners did a good job with this episode. I don’t agree with bringing it back to a political story but if it’s just a one-time thing then that’s okay. They did great with it this week.

Rating 7.5/10

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Story - 8
Action - 5
Characters - 9
Entertainment - 8



The showrunners did a good job with this episode. I don't agree with bringing it back to a political story but if it's just a one-time thing then that's okay. They did great with it this week.

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