Supergirl “Welcome Back, Kara” Review

Season 6 Episode 8 – As Supergirl and Zor-El make their return to National City, they are determined to keep the Phantom Zone behind them and enjoy being superheroes together; their overzealous efforts backfire, creating a whole new threat to National City.

What I Liked

1. I do think it was a nice moment for Kara where the group plan a surprise party for her. It was fairly emotional as they all hug her one by one. I was kind of expecting it to be cringe but it was actually lovely, so well played to the actors here making it feel real.

2. Catco showed their rankings and they came up 8th in the top 10, behind Iris West’s Central City Citizen, Daily Planet, and others. One of the things this show had in the opening seasons was that it touched on the journalistic aspects of Kara, and it’s kind of swayed away from that a lot over the last few seasons. In this episode we do get to see more of Catco, and what’s actually happening.

What I Disliked

1. This show is completely and utterly undermining the far superior Superman and Lois show. I understand the need to rush Zor-El’s character but the fact he’s instantly learning all the powers is ridiculous, considering we know how long a Kryptonian takes to adjust to the Earth’s sun for the very first time. This is Zor-El’s first full appearance with the sun, and I think the fact he’s learned everything so quickly is not great at all. Not even just that, if we’re supposed to get a feel for this character (who I really do not care for ), why is everything happening off-screen in the first place?

2. Straight after this, can we discuss how disgustingly bad the CGI is in this episode? I’m sorry, it’s absolutely trash. The effects don’t look or feel realistic, and they throw you out of the show’s story. The satellite scene was the most cringe scene I’ve ever watched.

3. Nia continues to suffer from really poor writing as far as I’m concerned. I get it, she lost her Mom, and I couldn’t bare to imagine the pain of losing someone so close personally – but because Kara is spending time with her father, she’s finding a way to just be miserable about the situation. Nia has the potential to be a powerhouse on the show but they constantly portray her so miserably, it’s just boring to watch half the time.


4. This is only noticeable after watching Superman and Lois, but the Fortress of Solitude is completely different on both shows, yet it’s meant to be the same place. It again takes so much away from the show when this show is literally contradicting itself with its counterpart show. Understandably it is the Superman and Lois show that has contradicted Supergirl, but it’s difficult to see when you come back to this after finishing Superman and Lois.

5. I always admire shows that touch on environmental control, especially due to what our oceans, etc look like with plastic. But this episode has done it in a cheap way. We know this requires years of work to truly fix it, but putting Earth on the same trajectory as Krypton is a cheap move.

6. So all of a sudden Andrea still has access to her weird powers, something we haven’t seen in how long? What even is the point anymore? This episode has been a difficult watch.

7. I cannot take the villain seriously at all. It’s a robot covered in trash. I’m done with this. I feel like I’m reviewing a Legends episode, and even then I think they have more meaningful “villains” than the absolute dire trash (pun intended) that we’ve just witnessed.

Favourite Moment

The end had a nice moment between Kara and Alex, especially when she opens up about the traumas she faced within the Phantom Zone. This is something that hits home in a way, it’s always best to try and talk to someone to let your feelings out. Bottling them up only makes it much worse, and I think Melissa did a fantastic job in her acting ability to push that over.

Standout Character

I can only give this based on Melissa’s acting ability, but Supergirl is the standout this week. She really did portray what it’s like to go through something so traumatic and it still getting the best of her, despite Kara always being the one to remain the strongest. It was a difficult watch, but these scenes really stood out for me.



I really did struggle to find many positives in this episode, and I desperately tried to enjoy it, considering Supergirl has had a very solid start to the season, but unfortunately, in my own personal opinion, this episode was absolutely dreadful.

Rating 2.5/10

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Story - 1
Action - 3
Characters - 3
Entertainment - 3



really did struggle to find many positives in this episode, and I desperately tried to enjoy it, considering Supergirl has had a very solid start to the season, but unfortunately, in my own personal opinion, this episode was absolutely dreadful.

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