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Swamp Thing “Brilliant Disguise” Review

Season 1 episode 7 “Still taking on the human appearance of Alec Holland, Swamp Thing guides Abby to an area of the swamp blighted with the encroaching rot, but when her life is threatened, he must use his still-developing powers to save her; Maria meets with Nathan.”

What Was Good?

1. As much as a beast Swamp Thing truly is, it’s always nice to see the humanoid version of him. The episode kicks off right where the last episode ends. Alec and Abby have an incredible moment as Abby has inhaled a hallucigen which makes her see Alec as the human version. They both head into the swamp after an emotional conversation, we also get to see just how Alec controls his newly found powers. What a way to begin the episode.

2. After Avery finds out Alec is still alive, him and Lucilia travel to the swamp to take down Alec, as he knows way too much. We also now have full understanding that Avery was the one who ordered Matt to kill Alec. The entire ark within the episode is intriguing to say the least, Avery is a dark horse, sneaky, and you just know right from the get-go he always has something up his sleeve.

3. Each episode that passes, we begin to learn more about this darkness we’ve seen glimpses of. Especially at one point it grabs and cuts Abby before Alec pulls it off her. I mentioned in so many episodes before I’m hating the pure fact we haven’t seen or even have a clue who the major villain of the series is. I’m actually beginning to like the mystery that surrounds this particular question.

4. After Alec saves Abby, he tells her to go and to never come back. You can feel the emotion, the hurt between both of the characters during this. Abby took a sample from the swamp and is heading back to Atlanta to try find a way to save Alec. You want it to happen, but on the other hand you don’t. Swamp Thing is an absolute beast, but the scenes with Abby and Alec are so powerful, you can feel the connection with every scene.


What Was Bad?

1. This relationship between Avery and Maria makes zero sense whatsoever. I don’t get it. A few episodes back, she told Avery he was not getting any more money. Yet near the beginning of the episode they’re all loved up. Even though Maria knows something’s up when Lucilia shows up. A good from this, is when she tells Avery Alec is actually alive…

2. Back on another bad bounces to Maria. As a character she annoys me. Overly involving for absolutely zero reason whatsoever. She shows up to Jason demanding he reports to her now, like, seriously? Previously it was all about Shawna, now she’s getting herself involved in situations she had nothing to do with.

Read on for the Holy Shit. I kept this on the Bad list because of the irritation and the swap in stories for Maria, but it changes in a huge way.

Holy Shit Moment

After Avery and Lucilia are contiuining their suicidal journey through the swamp, Avery turns on Lucilia and aims a shotgun at her. My immediate reaction was kind of, “yeah he’s going to kill her and this ark will keep dragging out”. Nope. Swamp Thing continues it’s unpredictability. Matt shows up when he’s aiming the gun and ready to shoot, he knocks him out. Later on after, Lucilia and Matt take Avery out to a dark place in the swamp seemingly to kill him. A massive twist entails.

It turns out, Matt is Avery’s son! Damn. Avery then manages to pull a knife from underneath the boat and stabs Matt in the shoulder, before Lucilia absolutely ruins him with a shotgun shot to the leg. Avery manages to escape from the boat.

Following this, it seems like Maria and Lucilia have been working together all along! This entire twist has been so unexpected.

Star Character

Matt Cable (portrayed by Henderson Wade).


The Verdict

The twist that happens during this episode just connects everything together. The story, the characters, their motives. It continues to be every reason why Swamp Thing is one of, if not, the best show on TV right now. This episode continues that, but in a much bigger way.

Rating: 9.7/10

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