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Swamp Thing Not Returning After Season 1

News has broke out that, after a fantastic Pilot, Swamp Thing will not be returning for a second season. Speculation has occurred among fans, but Warner Bros have not gave a full reason as to why the show will not continue.

Swamp Thing delivered an exceptional Pilot that had me on the edge of my seat for the majority of the episode. It was one of the strongest DC Pilots in recent history. I also preferred the shows creepy, eerie vibe that it had. It was brutal, disturbing, but showed a brilliant origin story to Alec Holland.

While all of the Arrowverse shows are going ahead for a new series, Doom Patrol and TITANS have been renewed. Also Batwoman is due to come to our screens in the fall. It’s a huge shame the show won’t be continuing, and I hope the series makes an unignorable impact on DC, and WB.

You can use the hashtag #SaveSwampThing on Twitter. It’s currently trending in America as we speak.

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