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The Arrowverse Did Not Get The Send-Off It Deserved

It’s no secret that over the past few years, The Flash has been less entertaining if you will than its first few seasons. Granted it still has such a large audience and The Flash is one of those heroes that really is an entertaining watch as it is. Wednesday was the final episode of The Flash and thus brought an end to The Arrowverse altogether which was pretty sad. However I’m going to say it, and judging by online comments I’m not the only one to think it, that was not the send-off The Arrowverse deserved at all.

While the story for the show was a great one, seeing all the iconic villains return was a lovely throwback, it’s nothing short of a brilliant idea but let’s dive into this a bit further. The villain’s return was completely rushed, given that these are the biggest threats Barry has faced in previous years, every single one of them was taken out within 15 minutes or so. Completely unrealistic. These characters deserved so much more given their history with Barry. It should’ve been built up all Season. It’s completely bizarre to suggest they could’ve been defeated so easily when The Flash team has struggled every single time they’ve been faced with just one of these villains at a time.

Let’s talk about Reverse Flash. He’s certainly the most iconic villain Barry has faced, I mean he killed his parents and returned so many times just to torment him. He’s been Barry’s biggest bad for however long, and the team has struggled every time he’s made an appearance. I mean, he kept coming back right? All the way back from Season One he’s still kicking about, he only officially “died” a few episodes ago did he not? Yet this time around he is defeated within minutes by Allegra? I’m sorry but Allegra has been by far the worst addition of superheroes to The Flash. She’s rarely ever able to hold her own or control her powers to the best ability, but now that Reverse Flash is back she’s able to harness every single bit of her power and kill him within moments. It was by far the biggest letdown out of all of them.

Before moving on to our next complaint let’s talk about Chester, as this is somewhat relevant with Reverse Flash. Now given what we’ve seen it’s an understatement to say Reverse Flash can kill, pretty easily for that matter, I mean he literally goes for the heart every single time, just completely destroys it, and up till this very episode Chester was nothing more than your guy behind the computer, very smart but fully human. Now for whatever reason rather than his usual way of killing Thawne just goes full Palpatine on him, hammering him with lightning. It is what it is, but Chester survives it?? Come on man. This was such a cop-out it was unreal. After all this time they’ve now just realised Chester miraculously has the powers of The Black Hole. So he’s a meta. This happened in Season 6. Three Seasons ago. But just now in the final episode, they’ve discovered he’s a meta. I’m sorry but someone has to call it for what it is, which is bullshit.

Cecile was also able to take down Godspeed with relative ease. I’m sorry, but in the comics, he can run up to 10 times the speed of light. This means he could basically run around the globe, or at least most of it before Cecile has even spoken a word. There’s no way this should’ve happened. It’s completely disrespectful to these fantastic villains who’ve had some of the best development across the entire show’s run.

Budget cuts were very clear in this episode as we saw a huge dip in CGI, it was almost embarrassing to watch. I’ve seen better effects on some social media reels. Not only that but did anyone else notice the big change in Savitars appearance? That was almost painful. I mean come on, this guy was absolutely terrifying! Not only that it took them an entire season to stop him last time and while they did eventually do that, he still killed one of their own, H.R. Wells before they were able to do so. But this time around Nora, who isn’t yet more powerful than her dad was just able to stop him with ease.


Plothoooole time. Did they forget about Kramer or something? They dedicated so much time to the discovery of her being a meta. A pretty impressive one at that, she can literally mimic the power of any Meta she’s standing close to. That surely could’ve come in handy when she was standing meters away from Zoom but no no, she’s hiding behind the police truck. I don’t have much else to say on that subject other than the fact it is a huge plothole. Given that they’re being faced with the 5 most powerful speedster villains she surely could’ve come in handy.

My final complaint in this article lies with missing characters that should’ve been there and it made no sense at all that they weren’t. Let’s start with Wally, his Dad, Sister, stepmom, Brother in law, and soon-to-be Niece all have their lives in danger and he’s nowhere to be seen. He’s a speedster, again a powerful one at that. He returned a couple of episodes ago, he should’ve been there for that finale. Pretty similar story for Bart, Nora Is there, why wouldn’t he be? Like is he just at home chilling on the sofa while his sisters go back in time-fighting the strongest villains that they’ve come across? Not even an explanation as to why they weren’t there. The last person I feel should’ve been there was Cisco, again they could’ve at least given an explanation as to why he wasn’t. We know the actor had scheduling conflicts so it can’t be helped that he couldn’t return but not even a mention, when in reality he would’ve been there.

I want to talk about Eric Wallace here. I’ve seen a few complaints recently about him. I’ll put it bluntly, he should never work with a superhero series again. He’s absolutely destroyed The Flash from the moment he began writing episodes in season 4. He then took over season 6 and the double-villains started, and it all went to shit. The series became a laughing stock and this is down to his piss-poor direction. It’s more noticeable considering the show dropped substantially after a successful and entertaining season 3. He made a mockery of some of the most powerful villains in the comics in the finale and also stupidly gave character development near the end of the show when we all knew the show was ending.

There’s probably more of this episode that was a letdown, but I’m gonna end it there, otherwise, I could go on forever. But to summarise this was not the ending the Arrowverse deserved at all. It had amazing potential with the return of all those villains, and they just completely screwed it up. Let us know in the comments if there was anything else you feel completely let this finale down, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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