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The Boys “Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men” Review

Season 2 Episode 3 “The Boys take to the high seas to safeguard their prisoner. Homelander plays house, then pushes Ryan over the edge. Starlight is forced to make an impossible choice. Stormfront reveals her true character.”

What I Liked

1. To be honest, after Butcher punched Hughie at the end of the last episode I’d be mad too. So when Butcher tries to apologise Hughie just punches him. A feeble attempt, but this is exactly what I wanted from that situation. GG Hughie.

2. We took a dig at Amazon Prime for not including subtitles between the Kimiko and Kenji scenes, but I figured I’d put this here because now I actually understand what is happening, and what’s going on when these two are communicating now the subtitles are appearing. I’m unsure if anybody else was having this issue.

3. I have to give props to Chace Crawford’s acting in the scene where he explains when his powers started. The way he looked, acted, spoke just felt so real. You could sense the stress, anger and pain when he spoke. Fantastic acting there.

4. Homelander really is just so sadistic. The fact he just threw his own child off the roof and found it funny. He keeps pushing Ryan because he knows he has the same powers, it isn’t until Homelander starts pushing Becca that Ryan finally snaps. I liked this. I really liked this, that someone actually stood up to him properly.

5. Kenji finally escapes from being locked up in the boat, and the moment he escapes he pretty much force pushes a police helicopter that is trying to stop the boat for being stolen, even after Kimiko tries to stop him.


6. Hughie’s phone call was quite emotional. I’ve been there myself, and the show is doing a great job highlighting this. You can tell he’s not right mentally. You can feel how he feels, just by watching him or even by that phone call alone.

7. As Homelander is forcing Starlight to kill Hughie, everything is so intense and edgy. The Boys are just watching on and you’re begging for them to do something, anything, until Butcher just comes out with; “oi, c***”. Classic. Just absolute classic. Kenji then just comes out of nowhere again and almost destroys Homelander.

8. Surprising twist. I was expecting Stormfront to be one of the secret actual good people with a different attitude. The way she just tears through an entire apartment block trying to get to Kimiko and Kenji was brutal. I did NOT expect that. I also did NOT expect the way she tore Kenji’s arms pretty much off and then kills him. Homelander is seriously not impressed, and you can see it on his face at the end of the conference.

What I Disliked

Nothing to report this week.

Favourite Moment

We saw this particular shot before the show was aired, but definitely as Butcher just accelerates the speedboat into the whale that The Deep was standing on. Just absolute brutality.

Standout Character

Stormfront gets it again this episode for me. When it states in the synopsis her true character would be revealed, I just seriously was not expecting that reveal to be the way it was. That completely threw me back, and she was exceptional all episode.



What a perfect episode. We rate episodes on 4 categories and each one just smashed it to pieces. Incredible. That’s all I really have to say, just perfect.

Rating 10/10


Story - 10
Action - 10
Characters - 10
Entertainment - 10



An exceptional episode that delivered in every single category that we rate by. Story advanced beautifully, there was a lot of action that threw us back. Each character slotted in great, and it entertained me on a whole other level.

Daniel Lewandowski

Founder, Director and co-owner of Only Comic Universe. Journalist specializing in the Arrowverse shows, and the MCU. Creator of the Only Comic Universe website.

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