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The Boys Season 4 Trailer Is Here, Has Prime Already Won 2024 On TV?

Prime has already had one hell of a year in 2024 with the monumental success of the Fallout series.

Prime has had 3 successful seasons with The Boys previously, a spin-off series with Gen V, Invincible, and now Fallout. More notably in 2024, Invincible and Fallout were the biggest releases of the year and it’s not even close as it stands when it comes to other TV shows.

We’ve had Knuckles and Halo which I enjoyed, we’ve also about to get The Acolyte which doesn’t look at all promising if I’m being honest.

2024 is bringing out a lot of shows, we’re yet to see Marvel’s first but I suspect we’ll be seeing a Marvel TV show before the end of the year. Prime has done a wonderful job in what they’ve built with their shows, especially Fallout and The Boys universe.

I can’t see Fallout being topped and if one show is going to do it then it’s The Boys season 4. That’s the only show this year that I believe can even combat it.

We’re approaching June 13th, 2024 when the new season is released. So far, The trailers have looked incredible, and I’m looking forward to immersing myself in a batsh*t crazy universe.


What did you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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