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The Flash “Time Bomb” Review

“Team Flash finds out that a suburban mom named Vickie Bolen is in danger and they race to save her. Upon meeting her, they discover she’s a meta-human who is hiding her abilities from her family. Barry encourages Vickie to share her secret with her family, which makes Nora realize she needs to come clean with her parents about Thawne.

The Good & The Bad

The Good

1. The episode starts off with Nora visiting Thawne in prison, it’s interesting because of the countdown and to the reveal of what Thawnes true plan is, which slowly gets revealed throughout the episode.

2. Future Cicada is more brutal and badass than present day Cicada, her powers seem to be more powerful than present day cicada, she is more motivated than he was. I was initially shocked by the producers introducing a whole new Cicada but this first full episode she blew me away, definitely changed my opinion on the character.

3. There was a good throwback moment to season 1 of The Flash with Sherlocke Wells sitting in Dr. Wells wheelchair imitating him.

4. There was a moment in the episode where we got our best look/scene with the Flash suit coming out of the Flash ring and it was so amazing.

5. Throughout the episode and season we have been seeing Sherlocke Wells investigate the writing in Nora’s journal and he’s slowly been getting that, in this episode he finally figures out what thanks to Dr.Wells wheelchair which leads into the big reveal that Nora is secretly working for or with Eobard Thawne in the future, Team Flash were visually shocked by this and this leads to Barry locking Nora in the pipeline and the episode ends.


The Bad

1. Present cicada started off the season ruthless, brutal and throughout the season just slowly lost my interest, in this episode my interest was completely gone until the shocker that happened.

2. My next bad point was Cisco being ashamed or not wanting his powers, this season Cisco hasn’t really had the best story arc, if this is the writers slowly writing him out of the show by him giving us his powers or taking the meta-human cure then I’ll be disappointed, although the actor Carlos Valdes is rumored to be exiting at the end of the season.

3. Last bad point of the episode is that The Flash is taking yet another break and will return on April 16th.

Easter Eggs

1. The episode has a couple of great Easter eggs or nods to other comic book super heroes the first being Operation Shazam and Iris drawing a lightning bolt symbol, just a little nod to the Shazam movie.

2. Next was a Peter Parker bit of dialogue by Ralph and he did a little ‘whipp’ hand motion

Holy Shit Moment

My Holy Shit Moment was near the end of the episode in the battle with future Cicada, the present day Cicada came to try to talk her out of being evil and killing people because that’s not what he wanted and then future Cicada calls for her lightning rod dagger and kills present day Cicada.


Rating 8.5/10

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