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The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes to Leave the Series

The Flash has already been renewed for an eighth season but two original members of Team Flash are set to leave the series at the end of season 7. Deadline is reporting that the two actors will depart.

Carlos Valdes who has played Cisco Ramon in the series is set to leave his run as a series regular after the current season.

The other cast member saying goodbye is Tom Cavanagh, the man of many identities. Tom Cavanagh was actually meant to leave the series at the end of season 6 but unfortunately, the pandemic hit causes The Flash to shut down production and cutting the series short.

Cavanagh ended his series regular run in episode 3 of season 7 but has continued on as a recurring guest star.

While Cavanagh hasn’t appeared since episode 3, the show’s producers have assured fans that he will be back on the show, with some listings indicating that he may appear in episodes 9, 10, and beyond. His final appearance is being kept a secret.

While both actors have no current plans to return to the series after season 7, this doesn’t confirm or deny that they will be back for a guest appearance on the series in the future.


It’s sad to see 2 original members leave the show but I wish them all the best.

Photo: Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh.

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