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The Mandalorian “The Child” Review

What I Liked?

1. After killing IG-11 and saving baby Yoda The Mandalorian is taking the baby back to the ship when he’s attacked by a group of Trandoshan bounty hunters but The Mandalorian is quickly to get the upper hand and kill them all even disintegrating one bounty hunter.

2. After the attack we see The Mandalorian trying to heal a wound on his arm when baby Yoda walked across and tries to reach for his wound but The Mandalorian puts him back in the crib.

3. The Mandalorian reaches his ship with the baby but see’s it being dismantled by some Jawa’s so The Mandalorian opens fire on them killing a few of them. He tries to run after the Jawa’s fortress he manages to climb to the top but gets electrocuted by the Jawa’s and falls to the ground.

4. The Jawa’s and The Mandalorian try to make a trade happen for The Mandalorian’s ship parts but the Jawa’s want either his armor or the baby to which he disagrees however they settle on him bringing them a egg?

5. The Mandalorian heads to find a egg, he arrives and instantly gets into a battle against a big rhino looking creature which literally rag dolls him all over, at one point the Mandalorian has nothing but a knife and is waiting for it to hit him with it’s horn until and queue my favorite moment.

What I disliked?

Nothing I disliked.


Favourite Moment?

When the Mandalorian is waiting to be hit one more time by the creature he’s just waiting for the hit when all of a sudden the creature starts floating… The Mandalorian looks to the baby and see’s it using the force to lift up the creature but it takes too much energy so Mandalorian kills the creature.

Standout Character?

The Mandalorian since he was basically the only character that there is.

The Verdict

The great action and scenes continue from episode 1 right into episode 2. We got to see another member of Yoda’s species that is force sensitive and i’m interested to see if we’ll see any more in the season.

Rating: 10/10

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