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The Scream Movies – Ranked Worst to Best

With the recent release of the sixth installment in the Scream franchise, I’ve seen a TikTok trend where people would post their ranked list for the Scream movies. I thought I’d give my updated ranked list now I’ve seen Scream 6.

This will consist of my own opinions and thoughts for each movie, it will also go from worst to best.

This list only contains the movies. I do enjoy the TV series, but I personally think the third season was the best and closest to the movies than the first two seasons on MTV.

6. Scream 4

After a recent rewatch of the Scream franchise, I can safely say that Scream 4 for me if the most forgettable. I just can not get away with the story, the only true saving grace is Jill Roberts, the leading Ghostface killer. It even felt like the camera work and overall edit for the movie were terrible. Scenes had blurry backgrounds and more.

5. Scream 3

Similar to Scream 4, I personally couldn’t get away with Roman Bridger as the lone killer, however, I did truly enjoy the twist of the story. While many Ghostface and Screams fans would rate Roman highly as a killer, simply because he did it alone, this doesn’t warrant the movie being in the top 4.

4. Scream 2

I personally enjoyed Scream 2, I do think I prefer Mickey as the killer over Billy’s mother. The story was truly all about revenge for Mrs. Loomis, and just straight-up killing for Mickey. The story had great parts but it was also let down by the theater side of things, in my personal opinion.


3. Scream (2022)

The 2022 release of Scream truly reignited my love for Ghostface. I’ve always been a fan, but haven’t found myself watching the movies in the past few years. This Scream had 2 amazing killers, had a new cast, and brought back legacy characters. What made this movie even more highly rated in my opinion is that it did something that no other movie has done, killed a main character from the legacy of three characters Sidney, Gail, and Dewey.

2. Scream 6

Following suit of Scream 2, this movie followed the revenge plot but tripled it. Doing something that no other Scream movie has done and instead of 1 or 2 killers, they delivered a family of three. This movie was amazing, from start to finish. It broke boundaries by revealing a Ghostface at the beginning and then immediately killing this Ghostface. The movie was full of gore, blood, and insanely intense killings.

1. Scream (1996)

The OG, the original, the one that started it all. This movie was the movie that introduced me to Ghostface, the one that started my love for the character of Ghostface. Introducing me to a killer that literally could have been anyone. This first movie is still blowing my mind to this day by me stumbling across new details that I’ve never noticed like Stu Macher always being left alone, and him being easily influenced by Billy Loomis.

No matter where the franchise goes, no movie will ever top my #1 spot, It doesn’t matter who becomes Ghostface, it doesn’t matter if they do kill Sidney, and nothing will ever beat the original.

I truly hope they continue this great franchise. I, along with thousands of others love this franchise. I love the direction that the new movies have taken, the unexpectedness of the movies is truly unmatched.


Phil Weaver

27 years old. One of the co-founders and Directors of Only Comic Universe. Specialising in comic book source material, especially DC.

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