The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Review

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I managed to finally finish the second season of The Umbrella Academy, and I have to admit, I enjoyed this season so much more than it’s predecessor.

The show begins by showing us what happened at the end of season 1, and they all end up in different time periods in Dallas, Texas between the years of 1960 and 1963.

Each member finds a new life. Klaus finds a cult, Allison is married, Diego is in a mental institution, Luther is a bare-knuckle boxer working for the mafia, Vanya is living with a family on a farm, Ben is still following Klaus and Five is obviously trying to fix everything.

We quickly learn that the apocalypse follows them, this time in the form of a war between the United States and Russia. Nukes follow and decimate the planet. Five desperately tries to prevent it again.

The Handler is back with a new “apprentice”, and she’s viciously hunting down Five. Even sending these smooth Swedish triplets after them.


Now, that’s the rundown of pretty much the background to the current season. It shows us them all eventually find their way back to each other.

For me, when a show is running, they often have episodes dubbed as fillers which stray away from the main ark. This season never did that, and it stayed on course for the full 10 episode length.

The Umbrella Academy stuck to its original route of being over the top, and for the most part, hilarious. Whilst each character lived their own different life for a while, they were all still relatively the same. Except for Klaus, he’s sober now and resembles Jesus or something similar.

A big improvement for me was Vanya. I was never a huge fan of her during the first season, I found her boring, and predictable. My opinion on her changed substantially during the course, as it did with Allison.

Following from the improvements, each character slotted into the story very well. Something the showrunners and writers deserve a huge amount of praise for. Often times, we see characters kind of left out in a show like this, but this definitely wasn’t the case here.

They all eventually fall into the main ark, especially Diego. He was the one that managed to secure everything in the back end and figure out The Commission’s plans. I really wish we had of seen him more in action though, as his fighting style and powers are incredibly impressive.


We never got pushed back to flashbacks a lot, another praiseworthy mention. We do, however, learn a lot more about the father and his plans back in those days which I feel was needed. We know somewhat why the family are so screwed up, but not to the extent of actually seeing what the father put them through.

If there was to be any flashbacks, I would personally love to see the younger versions of themselves on the missions they used to go on, and what they actually looked and worked like as a team.

Overall the season was an improvement to the already almost perfect season 1. Everything fit together nicely and done in the right way.

As of right now, the show hasn’t been renewed for a season 3. This isn’t unusual for Netflix, as they don’t prematurely renew their shows unless they know they’ve done well. Unlike The Boys, Amazon has already renewed that for a season 3 before season 2 has aired.

I truly believe by the way the show ended with the new reality, that a season 3 should and almost definitely will happen.

It makes sense going forward as the story will be vastly different instead of stopping an apocalypse. The avenues the show could go down could be extremely interesting, especially now that everyone is alive again, including Ben.


I recommend this show to anybody, even before this season aired because it’s just great. It’s well written, and it stands high in the world of superheroes. For years it’s just been Marvel and DC so this is always a nice take to a completely separate and new franchise.

Rating 5/5




The Umbrella Academy built a strong foundation with the first season, and the second absolutely surpassed all expectations. A truly exceptional series by Netflix.

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