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The Upcoming 3 Marvel Games I’m Excited About

Marvel hasn’t had the best of times in the video game world. I don’t count Spider-Man in there as it’s a Sony character and from a Sony studio. That only leaves us with 1 good game and the rest feel like they have no creativity.

When I referred to the 1 good game from Marvel, it was Guardians of the Galaxy. The rest has been below any form of expectations. Marvel smashes it 9 out of 10 times with movies but never seems to hit the ground running when it comes to games.

However, there is some good stuff to look forward to. I’m going to look at the 3 games I’m excited for in order.

3. Black Panther

I put this one-third because of the comments made by Dani Lalonders. I felt like the comments were racist and in extremely poor taste. I understand Black Panther is a cultural inspiration but that doesn’t mean you just exclude white people because they’re “difficult to work with”. We’re all human at the end of the day, if someone is being difficult then that’s their agenda. A specific race of a person doesn’t automatically determine their personality. Dani Lalonders has made a lot of ridiculous comments in the past and I’m surprised EA hasn’t stepped in yet (I hope they do). That’s my opinion, anyway. Others I’ve noticed have felt the same by the replies on Cliffhangers Games X account and on Reddit.

u/CapnHairgel on Reddit

Regardless of her distasteful comments, I am excited about this. Black Panther is a character I’ve loved beyond belief since the 2018 film. That’s when I grew an interest in the character and started reading comics as well. When I heard a Black Panther game was happening, of course, I was hyped. We’ll see how well the game plays. It’s a shame due to Dani’s comments I’ve lost faith in this but just for the character alone, I’m excited for that.

Not many details have been released about the game as of yet. All we know is that it’s an original, third-personal, single-player game. The game will be developed by Cliffhanger Games and published by EA.


2. Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra

A game that isn’t shrouded in controversy and a game that showcased a fantastic trailer. I still remember when this game was announced. A game set during World War 2 that focuses on Captain America and Black Panther. What more could we want here?! See for yourself how great this trailer looked;

Skydance New Media will be making the game. We know it’s an action-adventure game where we’ll get to control 4 characters. Captain America, Black Panther, Gabriel Jones and Nanali. The story will be set in occupied Paris in 1943.

You know a trailer has done really well when people are saying the Black Panther voice actor, Khary Payton could pull off a live-action version of Black Panther and I think based on the small trailer we’ve received, I think I agree. I cannot wait for this experience, I have high hopes it’s going to be a memorable one.

1. Iron Man

My all-time favorite hero. I’m beyond hyped for this and I’ll be super mad if I die before this comes out. Iron Man has been deserving of video game love for years just due to how a game would play when it comes to the character. It’s deemed as an action-adventure single-player experience. There is talk among fans that the game will be open-world which makes sense. Motive Studio and Marvel Entertainment are teaming up with the game and it’ll be published by EA.

The fact that Marvel will be directly involved gives me a lot of faith in the game. EA gets a lot of bad wrap but when the game is made by one of their studios, it tends to do well. You can take a look at the Jedi series to see that. EA do tend to do well when publishing single-player games.

I hope above all else they do this character justice. Suits, open-world, abilities, and more. There are so many possible options when it comes to Iron Man because of how many suits and weapons he uses. Just like the Jedi series, they could open the door to a huge franchise with this.


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