Top 5 DC Elseworld Standalone Movies We Need

So, currently in DC Movies, we have the DC Extended Universe which has characters such as Harley Quinn, Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, and many many more.

We also have the “Battinson” Universe which has The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and is directed by Matt Reeves which has characters such as The Penguin, Jim Gordon, and is set early in Batman’s career, more specifically his second year as the Bat.

We also have the standalone Joker movie which is, in turn, its own movie in its own universe, It was an Elseworlds type story focused on the clown prince himself, Joker. The movie did incredibly well and broke a few records.

But which other DC villains should and need their own standalone Elseworlds type movies? I’m about to give you my top five villains which I think would make amazing movies and could fit into one big category along with the Joker.

5. Deathstroke

Now recently we’ve seen plenty of Slade Wilson in many things, animated movies, live-action movies, TV shows, and comics, but we need a standalone soldier of fortune type movie starring him.

I think seeing him live-action in an Elseworlds type movie would be great, especially for fans of the character from shows like Arrow or Titans season 2.


There are many stories you could tell for Slade in live-action, we could see characters such as Jericho and Ravager appear and have an amazing story alongside Slade.

4. Mr. Freeze

Now, this may be a movie not many fans would want to see but I was talking with a friend and we were talking about how Mr. Freeze would have a standalone movie and I explained they could do it similar to Joker.

The movie could start not as a happy story but a somewhat moderate story, We get to see Mr. Freeze before his downfall, we could see his wife and explore more of his life before he became the Batman villain we all know.

Throughout the movie we could see life hitting him hard, we see him dealing with his wife’s illness, how he freezes her to save her and we could see him do bad things to save his one true love.

3. Lex Luthor

I would really love to see a Lex Luthor Elseworlds story told in live-action. It wouldn’t involve Superman but there would be mentions of him. Throughout the movie, we would see Lex’s rise to power and we would get to see him navigate towards being a ruthless villain.

The movie would also be more on the political side of things, maybe we could see him run for president as well and many more political things. I think if we were to get a Lex movie, I would want Bradly Cooper to be cast.


I would also want this version of Lex to show us his corrupt side, only doing things that suit him and work out best in his favor. I want to see this Lex get his hands dirty but have people who would do bad things for him.

2. Reverse Flash/ Eobard Thawne

Now, this would be more sci-fi, futuristic, 30th century, and psychological movie. It would have elements of time travel, the speedforce, and more. The movie would be an origin story for Eobard Thawne.

I would love to see a movie where Eobard is The Flash’s #1 fan, we would see him working at the Flash museum and we would get to see him find out all this information about The Flash, his history, his villains, and his ally’s.

We would get to see Eobard come to learn that he’s the Flash’s greatest enemy, we would get to see him learn about the negative speedforce, him crafting his abilities and at the end of the movie, we would see him go back in time and kill Nora, The Flash’s mother.

1. Red Death

Now for one of the better Elseworlds type stories that I personally think would make for such a great standalone movie, which in turn could lead to more movies for the rest of the Dark Knights from the Dark Multiverse.

This movie would have to be a pure origin story with hints of The Batman who Laughs throughout the movie, we would see playing cards, we would hear his laughs.


For this movie, we would need a brand new Flash casting and another Batman casting, although Robert Pattinson could be this. We would see throughout the movie Rogues turning up dead, with Barry Allen investigating their murders, then we would get a showdown between The Flash and a broken and beat Batman who is using the Rogues weapons against The Flash.

this would lead to the end sequence where we see a brand new Flash, Red Death, this would be a spitting double from the Red Death origin in the comics where Bruce, now infused with the speedforce kill everyone on his Earth and join up with The Batman who Laughs.

This is just a list of who I want Elseworlds type stories for, but there are other characters who just as much deserve their own movies like Dawnbreaker, The Rogues, Captain Cold (on his own), and many more.

This could be a separate universe from the standard DCEU, however, with the standalone Batman movie involving Robert Pattinson, you could easily have that universe as a standalone Dark Knight Multiverse set of movies.

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